Our Clinic of the Month for November is Skintifix!

by | 1 November 2017

Skintifix is based in Newcastle, NSW. They are nestled upstairs in Darby Street in the heart of Cooks Hill. Their expert team love all things skin and their main focus is creating healthy skin that you love to live in. Owner, Robyn, chatted to us about her recent rebranding and of course, all things skin! “At Skintifix, we love the challenge of getting results where perhaps in the past you’ve struggled to find a solution for your skin”.



You recently rebranded from Laser Effect to Skintifix. Can you tell us what led to that decision?

“From day one, it’s hard to imagine how your business is going to grow and evolve. I always had a dream that we would be where we are today but it’s because of our clients that we are what we have become. It’s through understanding their needs and listening to what they want that helped the business become a skin-saving, hair hunting powerhouse of results. Our previous name was not indicative of that and thus Skintifix was born. Skintifix truly encompasses who we are and what we do for our clients. Yes, laser hair removal is a big part of our business, we are continually transforming lives through removing unwanted hair (our results are outstanding), but skin is also a very big part of what we do and Skintifix and our new messagespeaks more clearly of this.”



What keeps you inspired professionally?

“For me it is being surrounded by smart, passionate women. They say swords sharpen swords so I choose to surround myself with women who inspire, challenge and support me. That includes the women on my Skintifix team. Everyday I am blessed to work alongside women who love with big hearts, who are loyal, who are intelligent and who give so much of themselves to make Skintifix such a special place for our clients.”



What’s the biggest challenge you face as a skin treatment therapist?

“I think the biggest challenge we face at Skintifix is undoing some of the misinformation that is rampant in the beauty and cosmetic industry. The industry is saturated with marketing hype and misleading information which is the reason so many skins are suffering. It’s no wonder women feel lied to when they are told to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise and everything will be okay. But I’ve learned in my career that not all skin care is created equally, not all brands or formulators will create skincare that cares and that just because the label on the front promises you the world, it’s the small fine print ingredients list on the back that will tell the truth. The bright lights and buzz words can be overwhelming and just because it says it will fight the signs of ageing, doesn’t mean it actually will! So the biggest challenge we encounter is in being the gentle voice of reason and doing it from a place of love. Because when we are the last attempt, on a long list of failed attempts at getting answers for your skin, we know that you’ve heard it all and you’ve tried it all and you’re ready to give up. We know it’s a big ask to put your trust in us as we undo all the past and rebuild the future for your skin.”



How has dermaviduals assisted your business?

“We have been an exclusive dermaviduals skin clinic for the last 7 years (and we’ve been in business for a little over 8), so from the beginning we’ve grown with this incredible tool at our fingertips. Having been in this industry for well over a decade, I have worked with countless skincare brands and seen the results of hundreds of others and can say hand on heart, that I’ve never seen anything like the results we achieve through Corneotherapy. dermaviduals has given my team the tools to do our job – to fix skin – and do it well. My business has grown and evolved to where it is because dermaviduals has created skin that is happy, healthy and has vitality and that’s what every woman wants; skin that is full of life and health. The support from the Derma Aesthetics team is faultless and their education is world class. They not only focus on teaching you how to work with dermaviduals and why this brand is so amazing, but they also focus on teaching a deep and intimate understanding of how skin works and this is the key to changing skin. It’s so much more than knowing the benefits and features of a product. You need to know the how, the what and the why in order to get amazing results.”



What is your favourite dermaviduals product and why?

“This always feels like a trick question! Do you ever ask parents if they have a favourite child? I have seen what these products can do so they all have a place depending on what someones skin needs… But for my skin, I LOVE my bespoke serum. Having the flexibility to create a serum blend based on where my skin is at and what it needs to be as healthy as possible is priceless. Because our skin never stays the same – it changes based on our environment, our lifestyle, our internal health, our diet, out emotive state… I love the adaptability to create my own product depending on my skins needs at any given period in my life.”



What is your number one skin care tip?

“My number one skin care tip is to stop with the guessing game! Your skin is not like any other so why would you buy you skincare based on opinion or trend? Just because all the ‘influencers’ are promoting it, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Just because the label on the front said it would work wonders, doesn’t mean the label on the back can prove it. If you want skin that you love to live in, that glows and radiates health, step away from the internet and come talk to an expert skin therapist to find the unique skin solution for you!”



We hear you’ve recently introduced Masterclasses to Skintifix. Can you tell us a little about them?

“We host a bi-monthly Masterclass where we spend the evening digging deeper into skin topics. We found that our clients are ‘skin nerds’ just like us and wanted more information; the real nittiy gritty on skin and how it works and why it works. We believe knowledge is power and understanding allows for more informed decisions about your skin! Our Masterclasses are an open forum where we talk more in-depth about everything skin! You can ask us everything you’ve ever wanted to know about skin in an honest and informative environment.”



To learn more about Skintifix, you can visit their website or follow them on Facebook & Instagram.