Clinic of the Month | Angela Olsen | Lotus Wellbeing & Beauty

by | 1 October 2021

1. What do you think is the secret to running a successful salon business?

Great therapists, loyal clients, always operating with integrity and genuinely caring for people’s wellbeing. Not every client that walks in the door is going to have their expectations met because let’s face it, we all have had the clients that anything you do will never be enough. But if we get it 99% right then they are with you for life. They love new things so we always have to be changing it up!

2.How do you keep your staff motivated?

Each individual therapist is motivated by different things. So it’s important to find out what makes them get out of bed in the morning. We all love education and updating our knowledge and skills. It’s always great to learn something new. And the clients love it when we come back after our training days with lots of information to tell them. They get as excited as we do.

3.How has Dermaviduals assisted your business?

My transition to Dermaviduals was all I could have asked for and more. From the very beginning, we have had such wonderful support. Corneotherapy has changed the way we look at the skin and how we treat it. I have had the privilege of looking after some clients skins for the last 20 years and to be honest no product has been able to get us results like Dermaviduals. Protecting the skin’s barrier and customisation of treatments and products is 100% the best way to treat the skin. Client’s love that it’s made just for them and can address their specific skin concerns. And it makes our job so much more rewarding! Why would you choose anything else?

4.Tell us about your clinic, staff and the local area

We are located on the Northside of Brisbane just near the airport.Nundah is one of the oldest suburbs in Brisbane and over the last 10-15 years has changed so much. Many of the old Queenslanders have been bought by young families and renovated. Very different to when I started working in the area. I am the 4th owner of the business and it’s been handed down to a staff member each time the owner has sold the business. We have many long-term, loyal regular clients some of which I have looked after for 20 years. October is our birthday month, it’s been 17 years since I took over. I don’t know where that time has gone? The beauty industry has changed so much in the 25 years I have been a therapist and business owner. I have a team of 3 including myself, and I’m so lucky to have these wonderful therapists.

5.What is your number 1 skincare tip

In Qld it’s got to be sunscreen everyday!

6.Most popular treatments are…

Our clients love skin treatments! But I would have to say they are blown away by the results when we use a rubber mask or the epi nouvelle masks. They also love that they can take the epi mask home and continue to use it that day.