Clinic Of The Month | Balgownie Beauty & Medispa

by | 1 November 2020

1.What are some of the personal mantra’s of you and your team?

Jannah: “Great things don’t come from comfort zones” Is something I live by, In my career & personal life I like to keep growing, learning & challenging myself….

Mirella:  “I always try to see the positive in life. Everything happens for a reason. Highs and lows wins and losses are needed in life for you to be the best version of yourself”.



2.How has dermaviduals assisted you in the growth of your business?

dermaviduals has been a game changer for us. The philosophy of corneotherapy along with greater skin knowledge thanks to the fantastic training on offer, has changed the way we diagnose & prescribe, giving us so much confidence in not only our in-salon treatments but our home care plans for our clients. Our partnership with derma aesthetics began in 2016 and year after year we continue to feel supported and more in love with what dermaviduals has to offer. During our COVID-19 shut down earlier this year it became very clear to us that our clients feel the same, we couldn’t keep up with the outgoing retail which was a fantastic testament to dermaviduals. Our clients couldn’t live without it even during a pandemic!





3.What would your favourite in-salon treatment be right now?

Any of our dermaviduals facials with the Alga Mask added on are a client fave! The Alga Mask offers an amazing “reveal” of beautiful calm & hydrated skin & the customization of the extracts underneath mean almost all skins LOVE the Alga mask!



4.What are your in-salon top 5 treatments?

1) 1hour dermaviduals replenishing & Alga

2) Enzyme + LED + Alga

3) Exceed with Epi Novelle+ Naturelle

4) dermaYOU featuring the Individual Mask

5) dermabrite with its double exfoliation and double mask application reveals an amazing skin radiance.



5.What are the challenges of running a salon?

This year has been particularly challenging for us all. Keeping staff motivated is a challenging aspect of running a business so amongst all the stress of a closure we were very happy to be a part of a community in our industry that offered free online training during that time to keep our team educated and motivated, so when we returned they were well equipped with new knowledge and info to share with our clients. As business owners I think we can all rest assured if we can survive a pandemic we can make it through anything!



6. What would be your most memorable career moment so far?

This would have to be surviving a Covid forced shutdown for 10 weeks, and successfully reopening our doors with the same smiling dedicated faces of our team and taking care of all of our returning loyal clients. That will definitely make history!



7. What is your secret to success?

To chase your dreams, but remember to be honest and true to yourself and your team. It’s when times get tough and/or when you become distracted with life you need to remind yourself why you went into business. Lead, guide and raise up your staff as your business will only put out what you put into it. Have a good accountant!

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