Clinic Of The Month | Be U Beauty

by | 31 December 2020

1.Tell us about your clinic, staff and local area.

Be U Beauty was established in 2015 and is a unique boutique Skin & Beauty Clinic located in Berwick, in the very fast-growing City of Casey. Our mission is to welcome clients into a space that is free of any judgement, where they are seen and cared for as an individual and empowered to celebrate their unique Beauty.

We started off as a Lash & Brow Salon. Fortunately, the early growth we experienced enabled us to expand our treatments and grow the team. We are proud to have created a little sanctuary where clients not only get exceptional treatments, but also feel supremely comfortable and well informed.

From the very beginning, even before we offered Skin Treatments, we were deeply passionate about treating each client as an individual and a whole, rather than providing cookie cutter treatments.

Our little dream team is the heart of the business and our clients are the beat that keeps us always searching to learn and improve.

Christine is the visionary and founder of Be U Beauty, who has formed a team that is professional, passionate, caring, talented and has a variety of personalities. By including a Naturopath post lockdown, we now have a perfectly rounded team for our Skin & Within Clinic.



2. How has dermaviduals assisted your business?

dermaviduals has not only assisted our business, it has transformed us and given us an even bigger vision. It perfectly aligned with everything we stand for and provides the range we were searching for. The feedback and results of our clients confirm we made the best choice.

With our very own personal skin stories to tell, we were always determined to help people to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. The traditional skin treatment approaches however,  just simply did not seem to sit right with us, nor did it allow us to achieve the results we wanted for our clients. When we came across dermaviduals, we discovered our calling as Corneotherapists. It was a partnership that was simply meant to be and we did not hesitate to instantly make the change in February 2020.

Obviously, it has been a very memorable year with many challenges and we only had just over a month of being with dermaviduals when everything came to a standstill for the majority of the next 7 months.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone at dermaviduals for all the support, online training opportunities and all the extended learning options. It literally gave us a lifeline to not only survive the lockdown but to use it to reinvent as a business. It also allowed us to evolve as therapists, fuel our passion and come back with so much excitement and knowledge. It is the best feeling being back in clinic now, helping so many people with a treatment approach and products that we 100% believe in.



3. What is your number one skin care tip?

Commitment and consistency. We understand that life can throw many curveballs and that is incredibly easy to fall out of any routine, but the one thing we see as a major factor in anyone’s skin journey is commitment. As we all know, great skin is a journey and we love being part of it, but once a client leaves the clinic it is up to them to stick to the plan. We have seen the biggest improvements in those clients who consistently kept up clinic visits, as well as the home treatment routine, whilst also taking on board other advice given regarding their skin care, lifestyle and internal support.



4. How do you keep your staff motivated?

Personally, I have never felt comfortable with the word ‘staff’ and don’t like to think of myself as the boss. We are a team and I always try to lead the team in a very inclusive way that allows all team members to be equally heard and valued, which makes for a very collaborative work environment. I believe this is how the team stays motivated to contribute, plan, dream, celebrate each other and trouble shoot together. We are all on the same page when it comes to our values and vision for the business, which makes it easy to hold each other accountable. As they say, your vibe attracts your tribe and I love my tribe 💖



5. How has technology influenced the salon?

Technology is a must these days and makes running a business a lot easier. After the covid year we have just had, online technology and social media has had the most influence on us. Be U Beauty was mainly built on word of mouth, but social media would be the second biggest driving force that allows us to grow. Keeping up with the ever-changing ways of how people connect and interact is vital in staying relevant.

2020 has been the year of everything going virtual and as we adapted, technology allowed us to offer virtual skin consultations. This was a great way to continue to help and gain some new clients, even some from other states. We decided to keep this service as an alternative as it is not always possible for everyone to come to us in person, due to distance or commitments.



6. Top 5 treatments:

This is a hard question! We do love many of our beauty treatments BUT nothing beats the satisfaction of helping people change their skin and the impact it has on their life. Therefore, our bespoke facials are undoubtedly the favourite, very closely followed by skin needling for incredible results. LED would be next. But it actually all starts with the consultations and analysis. Having the Observe has been a real game changer as it is a great tool to visualise every client’s skin journey. It is so rewarding to see those ‘Aha-moments’ with clients when we are able to connect the dots and fill the gaps in their quest of having great skin. Which brings us to our 5th top treatment – our in-clinic Naturopathy support with Emily-Rose. We are fascinated by all the connections and diving deep into all factors of skin health to achieve the best possible results.



7. What are the challenges of running a salon?

Any business can only be as good as the people working in it. Finding the right team members can be one of the biggest challenges. There are many amazing therapists out there, but not everyone will make the right fit. Once you have found your dream team, the challenge continues to ensure that you are enabling their growth and make them feel valued, which can mean quite different things to each of them.



8. What do you think is the secret to running a successful salon business?

To never be afraid or too proud to seek help from experts in areas where you discover any weakness or wish to improve and evolve as a business or on a personal level.

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou



9. Anything else you would like to include? For example programmes for your clients, surviving last year – looking into 2021!!

There is so much to look forward to in 2021 and as we are only at the beginning of being a dermaviduals partner we cannot wait to see how far we can come in a year without major disruptions (fingers crossed). We were able to update many of our systems and procedures during the closure, as well as create some amazing reward programs for our clients.

We survived the worst possible business year, whilst still kicking some goals and making some incredible connections to help us take things to the next level, so it can only get better right?!

There is always the next thing to learn, to improve and to work towards. We are extremely excited to create plenty of Skin & Beauty magic to help our clients to look and feel amazing in the new year.



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