Clinic of the Month | Define Aesthetics Clinic | Jeanette Campbell

by | 2 October 2022

Our October ‘Clinic of the Month’ is nestled in the beautiful regional city of Mandurah, an hour outside of Perth in Western Australia.
Define Aesthetics Clinic pride themselves on exceptional customer service and a highly knowledgeable team that are dedicated to skin improvement treatments. We spoke to Jeanette, the owner and founder of Define Aesthetics Clinic, to find out the insights into her thriving business.


Could you please tell us about Define Aesthetics Clinic and how you began your business?

I have been operating for 9 years based in my local city of Mandurah. After being a midwife for many years, I started out by renting a location in a small shopping complex and as the business has grown, we are now in our custom-built clinic centrally located for our clients’ ease.

What sets Define Aesthetics Clinic and its treatments apart?

I have a strong focus on customer service and connection with all of our clients. We aim to treat each client according to their individual and unique concerns rather than having a “one size fits all” approach. We find this helps to encourage the clients to come back for their follow up treatments and makes them feel comfortable and confident to stick to their treatment plans.


What is Define Aesthetics Clinic’s most popular treatment?

In clinic we have a strong focus on skin and skin improvement treatments. We like to recommend treatments to our clients based on their individual skin concerns and conditions and recommend an in-clinic treatment plan accompanied with at home high quality skincare to give them the best results.


How do you keep your staff motivated?

We keep up to date with the newest training, products and technology so that the staff feel up to date and knowledgeable. This gives them confidence that the products and services they are offering our clients are the best available. We also have regular staff meetings to keep all of the staff informed with the daily requirements of the clinic. I also find it highly important to let the staff know they are doing a great job and always show my appreciation for their efforts and achievements.

What are the challenges of running a salon?

We have found that as we have increased our cliental it has become harder for them to get an appointment as soon as they would sometimes like. We manage this by having a running stand by list of clients that we can call to offer any appointments that may become available due to other clients rescheduling their appointments.


What has been your most memorable career moment so far?

Seeing the business grow to the extent that I needed to expand my premises and being able to open my own custom-built clinic with five rooms for both injectables and skin and body treatments.


How has dermaviduals assisted Define Aesthetics Clinic?

Dermaviduals has given our clients with more complex skin concerns a broader range of skincare to treat their individual concerns. Once clients start on Dermaviduals they are then very loyal to the brand as they see the results in their skin. This helps them to feel more confident, which is always our aim when a client comes to us looking to improve their skin.

What is your number one skincare tip?

My number one skincare tip is to stick to your cosmeceutical skincare routine daily. Even if a client is not able to get in-clinic treatments regularly, a daily routine with good quality products will still give them beautiful and youthful skin.


What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start their own skin clinic?

Make sure you have enough cash–flow to start off.


If you’re in Mandurah or visiting this beautiful part of Australia and would like to book in to see Jeanette and her team, click through to our Clinic Finder and make an appointment.
The clinic is also on social media so make sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook!