Clinic of the month | EKO Skin Care Spa

by | 1 February 2021

Welcome to our beautiful clinic of the month; EKO Skin Care Spa, a small boutique style Day Spa in the heart of Daylesford, Victoria’s ‘Spa Country’.

EKO is conveniently located adjacent to the elegantly restored Old Raglan Hotel, just walking distance from Daylesford’s main shopping, restaurant, and cafe precinct.

As you enter the gates you walk through a serene and picturesque courtyard, to be welcomed at our doors by the gentle scent of calming oils, to instantly relax our clients.

EKO was originally created with a focus on the local community as there was a gap in the market for people living in the town. There were over 25 spas in the Hepburn Shire and the majority directed at people visiting the area. Over  the last few years however, our business has grown considerably and in turn, our clientele now come from far and wide. Tourists come in droves on the weekends – we now get best of both worlds.

Our team are close knit, enthusiastic and passionate about all things skin and corneotherapeutic practices.

We are inspired by the ultimate experience where science and results driven treatments meet relaxation to create a memorable experience.



The Mantra of EKO…

Be kind to all, and true to yourself.

Simple acts of kindness – over a long period of time – create customer trust and loyalty.

EKO is about nurturing relationships.


How has dermaviduals assisted our business?

dermaviduals has transformed us as skin therapists – and consequently – our business! It has introduced our team to a whole new world of skin treatment.

dermaviduals has given us a clear vision of the direction we want our business to take. We love that dermaviduals is not a ‘one size fits all’ product range, catering for a wide variety of skin types and conditions and is totally customisable. It has profoundly changed and improved our approach to the way we help our clients achieve optimal skin health.



Our dermaviduals Favourite product!

It is hard to pick one favourite as there are so many amazing products. Nonetheless, we all agreed that the lip balm is the stand out for us. The dermaviduals Lip Balm is something so simple and yet is incredibly effective. In Daylesford, we live in a predominantly cold climate and it takes its toll. Between being in the elements and being in a constantly heated environment causes dry, cracked lips. Our team all agree that it has helped so much.  We have done extensive research and believe there is NOTHING else on the market that is quite like it. Once you start using it, there is no going back!


What is EKO’s point of difference…

We go above and beyond to ensure our client experience is like no other. From our signature EKO ‘touch points’, to the support and care that our clients receive in clinic and – equally as importantly – at home. We pride ourselves on educating our clients, giving them the knowledge and guidance to care for their skin, understanding their take home products and their journey in clinic with us. The care and communication do not end when they walk out our door. We are in constant contact between appointments to check on our clients and they know they can contact us anytime if they need questions answered or general support.

We strive to make our interactions with all our clients positive and memorable. Our goal is to always make the client feel special. We aim to make ‘doing business’ with us, is easy and enjoyable, we are always taking actions to improve our customer experience.


Motivation at EKO…

Keeping our staff motivated is a priority for us. We work as a team to encourage and inspire one another. At team meetings we use customer case studies, a new product or technique to brainstorm / share ideas to ensure we are really focussing on achieving the best result for the client (and who isn’t excited about that!)

Our team thrives on education and furthering our knowledge and skill set in all facets of what we do and offer. Attending regular training sessions with dermaviduals and other platforms such as industry seminars is always something we encourage. We look forward to it. We were dedicated to extra training during lockdown, meeting with beautiful Beth, our dermaviduals Account Manager, once a week over Zoom. Each week we would select a topic or skin condition that we wanted to focus on. We learnt so much from these sessions.

We trust our team. They know they are valued. Our successes are always a team effort, and this motivates us all to keep improving and aiming for our next goal.



Technology influence at EKO…

Technology has become a huge part of the way that we operate at EKO in two significant ways:

  1. Social Media – By using social media platforms we have increased our exposure. We have been amazed by how many more people we have reached. It has increased our opportunity to connect with existing and potential new clients. We share our knowledge and inform and educate in ways that was not possible before we embraced social media. We promote special offers with our clients and followers, we create excitement with new products, treatments and ‘before and after’ results.
  2. Equipment – With the equipment available in the industry now we take our level of treating skin to new heights! The Observ 520, LED Light Therapy and Skin Needling are all essential devices in our clinic!



EKO’s top tips when starting your business… 

  1. Run your own race. Stay true to your beliefs and what you want your business values to encompass. Run your business to bring a uniqueness to our industry and especially to the location the business is in. This will attract the clients you desire and will align with your offering. Do not try to compete with other businesses in the area, it will not achieve anything. But it will waste time!
  2. Collaboration. Collaborating with other local businesses and industries will help to get your business widely recognised and grow your clientele base and brand. Building relationships is highly valuable!
  3. Practice what you preach. When you are asking your clients to invest in your products, business and the skin care knowledge that you provide; you cannot endorse a product or give honest advice to a client if you have not experienced what you are selling or promoting. Your team must take the best possible care of their skin, this doesn’t mean their skin has to be perfect but it must be well taken care of. We are skin therapists, it is important to live and breathe it. Clients are looking to us for support and guidance and we need to inspire them. What a privilege and opportunity this is!

We are incredibly grateful for this recognition and our team appreciates and values it.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank dermaviduals for their unwavering continued support during this unprecedented time.

We simply love what we do, and it is a privilege to look after our amazing clients and all their skin care needs as well as being a part of this special community. We truly value all that the dermaviduals ‘network’ offers to help us be the best that we can be. We have had many ‘aha’ moments which all came together to define the way we now operate.

The continued learning opportunities are plentiful and feel we are more aligned with our purpose ‘to serve our clients to the best of our abilities’. We are much better equipped to serve our clients than ever before and that excites us.



With much gratitude and thanks,

From the team @ EKO

Emma, Sam, Casey, Cindy and Tiff 💜💚💗

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