Clinic of the Month | Eltham Cosmetic Clinic | Amy Wright

by | 1 July 2022

This month we meet, Amy Wright, who is the owner of Eltham Cosmetic Clinic, located in the lush green suburbs, just outside Melbourne’s city centre. With a client focused philosophy centring around skin, health, and wellbeing the clinic continues to grow year on year. With a blossoming staff of experienced doctors, nurses, and dermal clinicians the team is dedicated to providing the very best of care for their clients. We asked Amy some questions below, to learn about her amazing clinic, talented staff, the challenges faced, and her advice for getting into the business of skin.


Could you please tell us about your clinic and how you began your business?


Our clinic grew quite organically, from very humble beginnings, and like many others, was never intended to be a thriving institution with a team like the one we have today! Our clinic founder Amy initially leased the premises with the intention of working solo in one treatment room, and never imaged even having admin support to help with the bookings side of things, let alone be surrounded with a crew of other passionate industry professionals. Amy eventually gave in and had some help on the desk, and luckily came by our first injector Montana, who was trained. The team grew slowly, as we conscientiously waited to add each new member as we came across others whose values and purpose aligned with ours.

Eltham Clinic Staff

What sets your clinic/treatments apart?


Our ethics and integrity. We always put what is best for the client first and not the bottom line.
We are motivated by the care of our clients as a top priority and not to ’sell’ to them or encourage having unnecessary treatments. There is a level of trust that we have firmly cultivated in the way we do everything.

Aside from our values and purpose, we are unique in our firm ‘skin health first’ approach. Often we talk clients out of injectable treatments and into investing in their skin first, which is not what you expect from a clinic primarily focused on injecting! We believe in playing the long-game and executing everything we do with integrity. We know in our hearts this will bring clients the greatest results both short and long-term and build a trusting relationship and rapport to last a lifetime.

What is your most popular treatment?


Anti-wrinkle injections are by far the most popular injectable treatments, as there are so many uses for this treatment and so many clients of varying ages and backgrounds can benefit! Our Signature Laser Glow Facial is a favourite amongst new and long-term regular clients alike, which is a customisable blended laser and skin treatment for almost all skin types and concerns!

How do you keep your staff motivated?


We are all fairly driven by our passion for what we do and for the opportunity to do it somewhere we feel empowered and supported in our practice. Also, staying connected with regular whole-team and one-on-one meetings, along with an individual career journey pathway for each team member. This means we are all individually chipping away at our own personal and professional goals in parallel.

Eltham Clinic Dermaviduals

What are the challenges of running a salon?


Aside from the obvious (and ongoing!) COVID rescheduling challenges, scaling our business while maintaining an A1 client experience is always something we are always working on to improve. Team training is essential for this! We are also constantly evolving and innovating our procedures and protocols to improve them as we go along, which is a full-time gig in itself!

What has been your most memorable career moment so far?


Realising that we had survived and thrived through the COVID lockdown challenges! Being based in Melbourne we spent a total of six cumulative months with our doors fully shut and to come out the other side with more training and skills, and as a stronger, more united and connected team, to go on to have our very best and most prosperous period ever, was a shared achievement we are so proud of! If we can stick together and survive that, we can get through just about anything that comes our way.

How has dermaviduals assisted your business?


First and foremost, the training (initial and ongoing) that we underwent was second to none and blew everyone’s minds around what we thought we knew! Learning, re-learning and un-learning is part of the ongoing evolution of a satisfying career. dermaviduals blew the lid off some pretty long-standing beliefs around skin, skincare products and our approach to holistic skin health in general. Our BDM, Brooke, is so knowledgeable and we love learning from her whenever we can. dermaviduals continually helps our business by training us not only with expanding our own professional knowledge, but with how we can relay this in an understandable and relatable way to our clients. Being able to share education with all who visit us is also a core value of ours.

Eltham Clinic dermaviduals serum

What is your number one skin care tip?


Skin barrier is key! Most of us are walking around with dehydrated or lipid-dry skins, and almost all of us are barrier-impaired until we meet with a professional. As trained corneotherapists, we must first start with ‘perfecting the canvas’ and often investing your dollars in a sound, twice-per-day, home care routine. This is a much better investment than any injectables procedure you may be interested in. We see injectables as ‘icing on the cake’!

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start their own skin clinic?


Back yourself. Believe in your ability to execute all that you need to, so you can bring your dream to life. Also, be patient and consistent in your pursuit. You’ll get knock-backs and setbacks in all forms and you must see these as an exciting hurdle to be worked around, not as a deterrent or a reason to quit!

If you would like to get in touch or know more about Eltham Cosmetic Clinic, please visit the website. Eltham is also on social media so make sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook!