Clinic of the Month | Facial Studio NZ

by | 1 July 2021

1.Tell us about your clinic, staff and local area.

The Facial Studio was born from a love of all things skin, set in a beautiful art deco building in the small west coast town of Waiuku is where you will find our beautiful Skin studio from its natural and soft tones to its tailor-made skin treatments nothing has been forgotten. We pride ourselves in having the best skincare and knowledge to create the ultimate bespoke skin journey plan and treatments. Jasmine does not believe in a one box fits all approach therefore no two treatments or products are ever the same.


2.What is your personal mantra?

Skin is my passion! Where inner health reflects outer beauty.

3.How has dermaviduals assisted your business?

Well, I have worked in some of the world’s top skincare clinics and used a variety of top skincare brands on the market however I always found that something was always missing from a products or treatment etc… with dermaviduals I have the ability to understand the ingredients I’m using and am able to create a product or treatment to exactly what my client’s skin is needing and then following on and curating the perfect serum or mask for their skin is like nothing on the market. If we are all unique then why isn’t your skin care? It now can be, with dermaviduals skin.



4.What is your number one skin care tip?

My one skincare tip would be that you only have one skin, invest in it and you will reap the lifelong rewards! oh and SPF!!!

5.What sets you clinic/treatment apart?

With over 15 years in the industry and a passion for all things skin, #skinnerds you know when you walk into The Facial Studio you are in good and loving hands.

When I was creating the Studio, I wanted to be able to have someone walk in and instantly have that feeling that the world has lifted from their shoulders. Appealing to all 5 senses from the soft tone and music to the warm weighted blankets and bed, relaxing with warming herbal teas or refreshing cooling beverages, the smell of natural oils and the sense of a stress-free environment. All our treatments are based on time and not boxed facials as I believe that only once the client lays down and the skin journey begins do, we chat and find out what the skin really needs and what the clients’ real concerns are, from there on I allow my knowledge, heavenly hands (as my clients like to call them) and the power of dermaviduals do the rest. Everything I do from each hand movement on the skin is all thought through using upward movements, to lymph draining movements and tension melting massages, this is what makes The Facial Studio truly a unique and unforgettable experience.



6.How do you keep your staff motivated?

Motivation is easy when you have a passion for your industry and love your job. However, watching client’s skin journeys fills my cup daily, their happiness, confidence, and pride in all their hard work and my teaching.

7.Do you have any advice for other salon owners?

I have found that over the past decade our industry has changed massively, you no longer go to just one salon for all your beauty needs… we have become an industry where we have realised that by sticking to what you are most passionate about, therefore we have nail bars, Facialists, brow and lash bars, cosmetic tattoo artists etc… I have found for myself personally by staying within my strengths and passions. This is what has made my business flourish to having an almost full book. Do your research, scope out the other salons around you and stay within your beliefs. I haven’t always been a holistic skin therapist, but I have found that with the more research and education I did that this is what was needed in our town and is what I truly believed in. You don’t need to go too fast. Quality is always better than quantity.



8.What has been your most memorable career moment so far?

I have so many memorable memories in this industry so to pick one would be impossible, so I’m going to give you a few… lol don’t hate me!

After finishing beauty school in South Africa at 18 and knowing skin is all I wanted to do, I contacted a big skincare brand in London, and I wanted to work for their flagship store as a Facialist. Their response was, we have nothing but when you are in London give us a call… 1 week later I landed in London, called them and asked for an interview, after a month I got the job! This was where my love for skin began, the knowledge and training I received was like no other, being a Facialist to the world’s biggest celebrities, journalists and make-up artists was a huge honour, 5 years later I landed in New Zealand and worked for one of NZ’s most empowering and inspiring women, Louise Grey, gaining even more knowledge about skin and winning NZ Therapist of the Year 2009/2010. I was also interviewed and featured in Mindfood magazine. I also managed to finish my 7 yearlong International Dermal Institute Diploma being only 1 of 4 in NZ to have done this was a massive achievement. Every day I am so thankful for my love of our industry and the amazing and empowering therapists that are in it, they inspire me to be a better therapist daily.

9.What are your 3 top tips for beauty professionals thinking of going into their own business?

  1. Go into it for the love of it!
  2. Research, research and research
  3. Know your books, client base, figures and plan, have a clear plan in sight, where you want to go, what you want to achieve and then break it down and start hustling!




Thank you so much to dermaviduals for allowing myself and my love for skin and their products to be called Julys Skin Clinic of the month! It’s a huge Honour!