Clinic of the Month | Laura Avery Skin Design | Laura Avery

by | 8 May 2023

It is our pleasure to introduce May’s ‘Clinic of the Month’ Laura Avery Skin Design, located in The Hills District, NSW.

Tell us about Laura Avery Skin Design

Laura Avery Skin Design is a results-focused skin health studio. Laura guides each client through a personalised skin journey providing an encouraging and supportive space for all. Employing a holistic approach, each skin condition is treated both internally, through consultation to detect and treat underlying triggers and externally, using a range of individually prescribed skincare ingredients combined with state-of-the-art technologies.


Laura Avery

How did you get into the skincare industry and open your own clinic?

Learning early on just how much skin quality can affect a persons confidence and everyday life, Laura was inspired to study skin in order to change lives through dermal therapies. She later expanded her scope of practice to offer a wider range of treatment offerings to her clients and became a Registered Nurse in aesthetic medicine. It was during her nursing studies she opened Laura Avery Skin Design in 2017. Improving a persons confidence and quality of life is what drives Laura’s passion within the industry.


deco makeup at Laura Avery Skin Design


How do the dermaviduals education courses help you in your day-to-day activities?

dermaviduals provides an abundance of information and educational resources to its stockists. As a business owner and Registered Nurse, this is highly valuable as it keeps us up to date with the latest industry knowledge and techniques to deliver high-quality and advanced treatment results to our clients. We believe knowledge is power!

What is your go-to signature treatment for your clients?

Our signature treatment is the dermaviduals Skin Health Facial. Intertwining results-driven ingredients and technologies with relaxation techniques, it is the ultimate all-inclusive facial treatment. Expect intense hydration and an enviable glow!

What do you love most about dermaviduals and what is your personal go-to product?

We love using dermaviduals in the studio as it is completely versatile and truly reflect the understanding that not one skin or skin condition is exactly the same. Our go-to product is the Bespoke Serum. Having the ability to alter and change key ingredients in this particular product is a game changer as we can ensure each client is receiving the unique constituents they need to achieve greater skin health at each stage of their skin journey.


Individual Mask

What is your greatest dermaviduals skincare tip or ‘hack’?

Our number one tip for our acne clients is to apply Süüsmoon Lotion P prior to the Individual Mask for enhanced results. It works incredibly well to reduce inflammatory breakouts. It’s now called the ‘magic mask’ amongst our clients.

Make sure to follow Laura Avery Skin Design on Instagram and if you would like to book in to see Laura and her team, click through to our Clinic Finder and make an appointment.