Clinic of the Month | Livia Mackenzie | LivVie’s

by | 3 June 2022

This month we meet, Livia Mackenzie, who is the owner of LivVie’s clinic, located in the beautiful West Australian town of Broome. Known for its incredible array of services, Livia is trained in advanced corneotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, massage, reiki, LED facials and so much more.

With 18 year’s industry experience, Livia is dedicated to working with skin, specialising in helping clients who may be struggling with acne, peri oral dermatitis and rosacea. The clinic also offers services for those wanting to unwind and relax, so you can have your muscles in peak condition and overall balance in your body. We dive into more detail below with Livia to learn about her clinic, the challenges, and her advice for getting into the business of skin.
Clinic of the Month Livia Mackenzie

Could you please tell us about your clinic and how you began your business?


The starting of my business was a bit peculiar. I got my residency working in an amazing spa in Broome, Western Australia, as a massage therapist. However, when I first arrived in Australia my visa only allowed me to do facials, but I was not able to do any other beauty treatments because of my visa restrictions. Once I got my residency, I then started a pole fitness business, and was teaching dance acro, but that is a totally different story.

Soon after this I began doing massage as another side business and wanted to get back into skin treatments again. I didn’t fancy getting back into waxing, I loved spa and relaxation therapies but with treatments that deliver results. Fast forward and I found dermaviduals by trying to understand skin more deeply. I wanted to know how I could help clients skin concerns and conditions better. I am still on the knowledge quest, always advancing, learning, and in many dimensions, from Reiki to Clinical Hypnotherapy to now Nutrition.

What sets your clinic/treatments apart?


I love to work holistically, including hypnotherapy and nutrition as well as energy work to really help the client achieve glowing skin. I love to learn and continue to develop my skills to help client’s live life, feel happy and confident about their skin and have trust in their skin therapist.

What is your most popular treatment?


Oh this is tricky I do lots of combo treatments of massage facials and always upgrade with LED where possible, so clients get the best of everything…😊
Clinic of The Month LivVie's

How do you keep your staff motivated?


It is just me, myself and I for now.

What are the challenges of running a salon?


It is challenging being self-employed. You do everything! There is so much work done outside of treatments, but I find social media the most time consuming. I have pretty much abandoned it the last couple of years while studying full time and running my business, which has a busy clientele basis. I do really miss having a team to be part of and people to relay questions with. Now that I am finished with all my major studies I am looking to start getting a bit more social with the business.

What has been your most memorable career moment so far?


Wow it is all memorable, I have been in this career since I left school at 15 to become a beauty therapist, working on cruise ships and beautiful spas, to becoming my own boss, and continual studying and running a business. It is constantly evolving, changing and adapting. I love it.

How has dermaviduals assisted your business?


dermaviduals has taken my clients skin to the next level, to be able to heal skin without harsh treatments and show them that you do not need to be damaging your skin to get results. Clients who had tried everything under the rainbow now finally getting great skin, not just good skin, great skin! The education is so much more advanced than the basic beauty therapy knowledge there once was.

Clinic of The Month LivVie's Treatments

What is your number one skin care tip?


Eat your fruit and veggies… and then some more.. and water!!!

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start their own skin clinic?


Do what you love to do, keep things simple.


If you would like to get in touch or know more about LivVie’s, please visit the website. Livia is also on social media so make sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook!