Clinic of the Month! | Nua Skin Bliss

by | 1 June 2021

1. Tell us about your clinic, staff and local area?

Nua Skin Bliss is a boutique skin clinic nestled in the charming William Street in Paddington.

Nua meaning New in Irish.



We are proud to say we don’t offer fluffy facials, and instead take a no-nonsense approach to skincare, ensuring clients get the very best results.

Meet the Team:

We have a team of three amazing yet genuine, extremely caring staff with a tremendous passion for all things skin.

Erin is owner and founder of Nua Skin Bliss and has over 16 years experience, she has worked on-board luxury cruise liners all over the world. Her knowledge and experience are second to none!

Áine and Brielle are both highly trained senior skin, laser, holistic therapists with over 20 years combined experience each bringing their own authentic style to Nua Skin Bliss.

I love our location here in Paddington because we are all a little community, when I moved into my shop, many of the local businesses made it their business to come over and introduce themselves and to welcome me into the beautiful William Street precinct of Paddington. We all come together for the William Street Festival held once a year to bring the streets alive showcasing what each business has to offer; it’s full of smiles!



2. How has dermaviduals assisted our business and why?

As dermaviduals is the practice of Corneotherapy (skin science) and does not cause any damage to the skin, is non-invasive and non-irritating, not using acids to force the skin to resurface – we are able to achieve amazing results by correcting the skins health, function and performance. We use ingredients that communicate with the cells in our skin, this is how we are able to get great results. dermaviduals is like no other and the clients’ results speak for themselves, even after one visit.

3. What is your favourite dermaviduals product and why?

OMG this is a very hard question as there are just soo many amazing products. I find I go through different phases of a product that I’m obsessed with depending on what treatment I’m doing etc, but I could never live without my lotion N, it gives my skin that support and protection ensuring my skin barrier is never compromised, enabling overall skin health.



4. What sets your clinic/ treatments apart?

Nua Skin Bliss is like no other skin care clinic you have been to. Rather it is a community that you are welcomed into and made to feel at ease from the moment you enter our doors.

At Nua Skin Bliss we pride ourselves in going above and beyond for each and every individual.We approach the skin in a holistic way, we understand that healthy skin comes from within. With the combination of Corneotherapy skin care, in clinic treatments to drive the skin in the right direction and when needing to, utilizing our amazing Naturopaths to really get to the root of any concerns.

All of our clients have 24hour assistance and can take peace of mind knowing they can contact us for anything at all whilst on their own skincare journey. At Nua Skin Bliss we are proud to say we have devoted our careers to being able to enhance the lives of others.

5. How has technology influenced the salon?

I find technology has helped tremendously; we now can gain access to training via zoom, online portals and socials at the click of a button. We can use all these portals as a way of interacting with clients, and the public as well as for advertising and marketing.

6. Our top 5 treatments:

Bespoke dermaviduals Enzyme, bespoke Advanced dermaviduals Enzyme including extractions, Iontophoresis serum infusion, Alga mask and LED light.

7. Do you have any advice for other salon owners?

I’ve learned that you have to prioritise a work-life balance. To have a healthy balance and being able to work on the business to help it strive and not solely work in the business all the time.



8. What do you think is the secret to running a successful salon business?

A huge thing for me is to make sure that you have and build a strong client rapport to maintain good client retention. Quality over quantity. Making sure to look after the clientele you already have and build from there, I find a majority of my clients are based on recommendations.

9. Anything else you would like to share with us…

We have been recently featured on the visit Paddington website and instagram page. Woollahra council came in and took photos of our clinic and video footage of us during treatments to share on their website and socials. We have recently entered the AIBA awards for “State Salon of the Year (4 rooms or less)”. We have donated and helped raise awareness in many charities, including –“Darkness into light” for suicide awareness, marathon-run by Irish nurses in Tasmania, and have successfully raised funds and donated vouchers for a client’s cousin who fell from scaffolding and was paralysed.

If you would like to follow us, you can find us here on our instagram 🌸