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by | 11 February 2022

Welcome to February’s Clinic of the Month with iSkin Clinics!


Kathryn Khoo ( Senior Cosmetic Nurse Injector ) & Pricilla Ardiyani ( Senior Dermal Therapist ), are the founders of iSkin Clinics Australia. In 2018, the pair combined their passions and skills to bring their vision to life. We sat down with Pricilla so we could get to know more about the clinic and share her inspiring journey with you.

iSkin owners face to face

1. Can you tell us about your clinic, staff and local area?


iSkin is located in the heart of Melbourne City, which is rich in diversity and multiculturalism. We specialise in working with a range of different skin types, colours, textures & conditions, with a focus on personalising holistic approaches using advanced skin technology. Our clinic utilises non-invasive procedures and topical skincare to enhance skin health and in the prevention of ageing. We spend time getting to know and understand our clients lifestyles, so we can further enhance their experiences in the treatment of their skin. We believe that skin health is highly correlated to personal well-being. Our team is comprised of highly-experienced dermal therapists, nurses, and doctors, with the same ethos – ‘Your beauty journey starts with healthy skin’. We are dedicated to implementing holistically designed & individualised treatment plans for all our clients to achieve beautiful, sustainable results.

2. How has dermaviduals changed your business?


At iSkin we take great pride in providing clients with products and treatments that are effective and results driven. dermaviduals further strengthened our philosophy of the treatment of skin – ‘to treat holistically and efficiently, with long-term results’. We believe that no two skins are the same. In partnership with dermaviduals, we are able to customise and personalise the needs and concerns of all our clients, no matter what skin type or condition they may have. Seeing the reactions of our clients falling in love with their healthy skin after introducing them to dermaviduals, is what makes our work so rewarding! The dermaviduals team are incredibly supportive. The amazing, Reika and Simone, are fantastic leaders of the brand and is a testament to their passion , dedication and knowledge in the beauty industry.

iSkin team

3. What is your number one skincare tip?


Our number 1 skin care tip is that less is more!

With so many products being available in today’s market, it is so easy to get tempted into trying different things. This can potentially cause more harm than good to the skin. We believe in working together with clients in finding the perfect fit for their skin & tweaking prescriptions as the skin improves.

4. What sets your clinic & treatments apart?


We take pride in educating ourselves and our clients. We see educating clients on their skin as a journey. As the skin changes, the approach to treating it also changes. We try to establish trust with clients by creating a safe environment in the clinic. We approach each and every client with empathy, care and respectfully listen to their skin journeys with an open mind. After gathering all the information needed to tailor clients’ treatment plans, we actively encourage clients to speak openly and honestly with us as they begin their skin journey.
iSkin team member treating a client

5. What are your most popular treatments?


The most popular treatments here at the clinic would have to be the Exceed Skin-Needling treatment alongside our Customised dermaviduals Signature Facial & Picosure Laser treatment, which is specifically for pigmentation reduction and rejuvenation. We are very grateful to be able to provide effective skin treatments by utilising advanced technologies and a range of non-surgical options. At iSkin we are able to deliver efficient and effective treatment plans specifically catered to our clients’ needs.

6. How do you keep your staff motivated?


There are many elements when it comes to motivating a multidisciplinary team. Each of our team members have different interests within the skin industry. We have different skill sets and strengths, and this allows each member of the team to focus on their specialities and interests. We prioritise our team members well-being by periodically asking them about their life and family commitments to ensure we work together to achieve work-life balance. As a result, they come into the clinic with a positive attitude, ready to share their good vibes with other team members and clients. It’s all about good energy at iSkin Clinics!

Frequent team-activities have brought us together like a family. We work in understanding, respecting and embracing each other’s differences. Clients often comment on how close we are as a team. I believe that the freedom, which we give to our girls, to explore their passion is what keeps them motivated.

iSkin team photo

7. What are the challenges of running a salon?


There are many challenges that can occur in all aspects of running a business. From staff to clients, contractors, technology and everything else in between. However, I believe that there will be no growth without challenges. I always see challenges as an opportunity to learn and improve. Funnily enough, I do enjoy the process. There are moments that are harder than others, but having a strong support system from my business partner, Kathryn, and the team make these challenges a lot easier to tackle. I can’t thank them enough for all their contributions, dedication and love.

8. What do you think is the secret to running a successful salon business?


I believe the secret to running a successful skin clinic is to stay true to yourself, have genuine intentions and focus on your goals. Perseverance is the key to holding the business together and being able to execute goals and visions.I also remind myself why I started the business, which was to pursue my passion. I believe that there is no business, when there is no passion driving it. The business was built in the hopes to be a voice in the industry with a more individualised, honest and personalised approach to skin treatments. We have successfully created a safe, accepting, warm and friendly environment for our staff members and clients.

9. What has been your most memorable career moment, so far?


Seeing the growth in all our team members and also our long-term clients is a constant reminder of why I do, what I do. Being able to address concerns and deliver results can be life-changing for some. These are the moments that are memorable and they mean the most to me!
iSkin clinic team photo
If you would like to get in touch or know more about iSkin clinic please visit their website. Pricilla and her team are also on social media so make sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook!