Clinic of the Month | Saint Skin Clinic 

by | 1 November 2023

It is our pleasure to introduce November’s ‘Clinic of the Month’ Saint Skin Clinic, located in Sydney, New South Wales.

Tell us about your Saint Skin Clinic?

Warm and inviting, I offer quality skincare products and treatments that are innovative and restorative. When I opened my clinic I decided I wanted these results for my clients; functional skin treatments that are corrective, restorative, holistic, and relaxing – bundled with self-care and wellness front of mind. Each treatment and experience is personalised to the client’s needs and concerns. The most important thing for me is to build strong relationships with my clients to make them feel comfortable and secure in my care.

Tell us about a unique treatment you offer at Saint Skin Clinic?

I specialise in Facial Gua Sha which helps to release restrictions that impede the movement of blood, Qi and lymph, encouraging deep rest and relaxation. Results from Facial Gua Sha are noticeable immediately. Key benefits include reduced puffiness through lymphatic drainage, softened lines and wrinkles, emotional and physical stress relief, lifts and contours, sculpting the face and relieves sinus congestion. Each Facial Gua Sha is always complemented with my dermaviduals professional products that I tailor to suit each individual client. 


Clinic of the Month - Saint Skin Clinic 


What attracted you to peruse a career in the skincare industry?

I wanted to leave school however, my mother wouldn’t allow me to leave until I found a real interest in something and that’s when I came across The Academy of Scientific Beauty. I learned a lot from one of my ex-employers and now good friend Isabella Schimid (who is now a globally renowned makeup artist). She drove my passion for skin therapies even more so. We travelled to the States for a Vegas Beauty Expo, which opened my eyes to another world. And I’ve never looked back. I love that our industry is forever evolving and you’re able to choose any path whether it be a holistic approach or dermal therapies. 

What can a client expect during their first skin consultation with you?

A complete personalised skincare journey. In addition to analysing the client’s skin, we thoroughly look into their health, lifestyle, diet and emotions during the time of consultation. All of these factors allow me to create a tailored treatment plan and suggest the best products for their individual skin type. I spend time educating each client on skin health and function as well as discuss any potential triggers linked to specific skin conditions. Our skincare prescriptions begin simple and evolve over time, ensuring each client’s skin gets the personalised care it deserves.  


Clinic of the Month - Saint Skin Clinic 

Tell us about a career highlight for you.

As much as I enjoyed owning a beauty salon from 1999 – 2009, I truly feel that my highlight has been opening this smaller (more humble) Skin Clinic of mine and having the wonderful support of my beautiful clients and all the new relationships I have made with other clinic owners throughout Australia. This time around it’s different and very much rewarding.  

What changes are you making to your skincare routine as we enter the warmer months in Australia?

Always using my SPF and I have reintroduced my Bespoke Serum which includes a blend of Vitamin C+E and Green Tea Extract. I use my Süüsmoon N in the evening and Lotion M in the morning. I also double-cleanse first with Total Cleansing Cream and then with the DMS Cleansing Milk.    


Clinic of the Month - Saint Skin Clinic 

We love asking this question – what are your top 3 dermaviduals products you simply cannot live without!?

Oh this is so hard I would need to choose 4!   

  • Süüsmoon Lotion N  
  • Isoflavone Serum  
  • Liposome Concentrate Plus, and   
  • Base Cream High Classic.   


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