Clinic of the month | Shannon Ashleigh & Co

by | 1 March 2021

1.Tell us about your clinic, staff and local area.

Shannon Ashleigh & Co. is a functional skin health clinic in the quiet suburbs of Hamilton. Were nestled in a new developing area just a 8 minute walk from the beautiful Waikato river.

Shannon has over 10 years experience in the industry and has specialised in skin correction. Skin is all we do, it’s what we do everyday, it’s what we love and what we’re good at! Being a functional clinic our approach is quite different to other skin clinic’s in the city and our focus is not only centred around skin but nutrition, mindset, exercise and other lifestyle influences.



2.What’s your favourite thing about your job?

So many things, I love seeing my clients skin transform and with it, their confidence grow. I love holding space for my clients to come and just be. I love the moment in the facial where my clients take a big deep breath (if you’re a facialist, you’ll know this breath haha) That’s when I know I have created a safe space for them to come, relax and unwind from of their busy day. I love teaching my clients about holistic skin health and inspiring them build healthier habits and relationships with themselves.



3.What is your favourite dermaviduals product and why?

This is SUCH a tough question! At the moment I’m really loving the individualised mask, I think everyone should have one! I use it once a week in a little self care ritual I have for myself. I love that you can customise it and make it unique to your skin. Mine currently has lots of antioxidants and my skin feels so delicious afterwards.



4.What is your number one skin care tip?

Wear your SPF! Always! Rain, hail and shine put that sun protection all over your skin. Your future self will thank you for it!



5.What are your Top 5 treatments:

The Skin Corrective Facial is by far my most popular treatment. It’s the best facial for clients who want to have a treatment that supports the cellular functions of the skin but don’t’ want compromise the relaxation aspect of a facial.

Collagen Induction Therapy – Medical micro-needling, I LOVE this treatment. The results just speak for themselves.  I do this a lot for anti-aging, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and sluggish skin.

Lastly is a new facial which has really taken off with my clients, FITT facial which is focused on muscle manipulation to sculpt, tone and firm the muscles of the face. We often don’t realise how much tension we hold in our face and it feels SO good to have someone release that tightness. The results are softer lines, sculpted bone definition and a lifted youthful appearance.



6.What has been your most memorable career moment so far?

I was lucky enough to speak at a skin therapist conference about a client I had taken through a skin programme and the amazing results we’d achieved together. It was to over 100 skin therapists which is crazy to think about, I never thought I would do something like that. I was such a great experience for me, very out of my comfort zone!



7.What are your 3 top tips for beauty professionals thinking of going into their own business?

Know your worth, don’t undercut yourself. Especially with friends and family which can be really hard because you love them and want to help them. If you are starting a business they should want to support you and pay for your services.

Find a good accountant, bit of a boring one but they can help you structure your business with costings, budgets, future predictions etc. If you create good habits around your admin tasks it will be a lot easier to manage in the future.

Figure out what it is you want to achieve from your business, why you’re doing it and your long term goals (this can change as evolve as you do though!). Running a business is not easy and there is a lot you have to do yourself which can be exhausting. There will be times where you just want to throw it all in so having a clear vision and knowing why you’re doing it can get you through those long days and stressful nights.

Also a little bonus tip. GET. YOUR. FACE. ON. SOCIAL. MEDIA!



8.Anything else to include? E.g. recent awards, media attention, programmes for clients, etc

The next few months I will be launching another 8 week functional skin health programme for clients online. This was really successful last time I ran it so I’m looking forward to getting stuck into that again. I really want to focus on education and making it easy for clients to understand why it’s so important to care for your skin and overall wellbeing

I’ve also got some collaborations coming up with incredible people to share their expertise in their field of holistic health and wellbeing. I am VERY excited for this and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. It will all be on social media so you can keep up to date with what we’re up to there! Follow us here on our instagram✨✨✨