Clinic of the Month –  Sintra Skin

by | 1 May 2024

We’re delighted to introduce May’s ‘Clinic of the Month,’ Sintra Skin, located in North Plympton, South Australia. 

Q.Tell us about Sintra Skin. What inspired its establishment?  

Sintra Skin was founded by Kristie, who noticed a significant gap in the skincare industry while working at a franchised day spa. Customers were beginning to feel like mere numbers, lacking the personalised care they deserved. This inspired Kristie to create a sanctuary where every individual is valued and receives treatments tailored to their unique needs. Sintra Skin stands out for its commitment to making each customer feel like part of a family. The name “Sintra” is derived from a picturesque town in Portugal known for its breathtaking natural scenery and remarkable architecture. 

Q. How do you approach client consultations to ensure personalised skincare solutions? 

At Sintra Skin, consultations feel like chatting with a friend. Trust is key, allowing us to gather important details to create personalised skincare plans. We start by planting seeds of advice early on, ensuring a smooth transition into a tailored routine. We believe in keeping skincare simple. Using too many products can be overwhelming and ineffective. Instead, we focus on gradual, personalised approaches that deliver long-lasting results. 
For anyone starting a skincare routine, we suggest beginning with simplicity and taking it slow. Avoid overwhelming yourself with what you think you should be doing. Instead, focus on simplifying your routine to suit your needs. Remember, progress comes steadily with patience and consistency. 

Q. What motivated you to pursue a career in the skincare industry? 

Ever since I was young, my Nana would treat me to facials and skincare products to help with my teen acne. This early exposure sparked a lifelong fascination with skincare and its intricacies. Despite this passion, I didn’t pursue it professionally until my mid-20s, when I began working as a receptionist in a Beauty Salon in the UK. This experience reignited my love for skincare, prompting me to delve deeper by pursuing formal studies and fully immersing myself in my passion. 

Q. Can you share a standout moment or achievement in your career journey?

A career highlight would be the growth of my team. Starting as a solo practitioner doing lash extensions in my lounge room, I’ve since expanded to a beautiful storefront with a fantastic team of four individuals whom I deeply cherish. Despite the challenges including navigating through COVID-19 pandemic, I feel incredibly fortunate to have these amazing individuals by my side every day.  

Q. If you had to choose a “dermaviduals Hero Product,” which one would it be and why? 

My go-to favourite is the Individual Mask! What I adore about it is its ability to be customised for each client, offering them a luxurious at-home facial experience with outstanding results.

One memorable incident during a facial session, I mistakenly used the Individual Mask instead of massage cream. Thankfully, the client didn’t notice, and we shared a good laugh as I swiftly corrected it. These moments add a touch of humor to my profession.

Make sure to follow Sintra Skin on Instagram, and if you would like to book an appointment to see Kristie and her team, click through to our Clinic Finder.