Clinic of the Month | Skin and Beaute

by | 30 May 2023

It is our pleasure to introduce June’s ‘Clinic of the Month’ Skin and Beaute, located in Dunedin, New Zealand. 

Tell us about Skin and Beaute. What sets you apart from other skin clinics?

Skin and Beaute is a beautifully crafted boutique clinic that specialises in skin correction. Our attention to detail and future planning for our clients makes us stand out.



How did you get into the skincare industry and open your own clinic?

I got into the beauty industry by accident, but once I did, I knew that it was what I wanted to do forever.  10 years ago when I was looking for an LED light, I got into dermaviduals and as a result, it’s been the best thing I ever did for my clinic as well as my clients. All the training and support dermaviduals offers has helped me grow my clinic into what it is today.

What would you say your client’s favourite treatments are?

Our Bespoke Facials, Skin Consultations and LED MAX facials are by far our biggest services in the clinic.


Skin and Beauty Dunedin dermaviduals


What is your go-to product from the dermaviduals range?

I love that dermaviduals is simple but very result driven and of course, no nasties! My favourite go-to product would be the DMS Massage Cream and the Base Cream High Classic.

What’s your greatest dermaviduals skincare tip or ‘hack’ that you would recommend to our readers?

Less is more!  

What has been your most memorable career moment so far?

10 years ago a client’s friend came into the clinic and asked if I could help her with her skin. She was a cancer patient receiving chemotherapy. I gave her three products on the Monday; DMS Milk Cleanser, Süüsmoon Lotion N and Base Cream High Classic. By Friday morning she rang to tell me she was finally going in to work and as she told me she began to cry, going on to share that the tears no longer stung her skin; she was just so relieved. To this day, she is still a valued client.

Make sure to follow Skin and Beaute on Instagram and if you would like to book in to see Sally and her team, click through to our Clinic Finder and make an appointment.