Clinic of the Month | Tanya Ferguson Holistic Skin Health

by | 3 August 2020

Tell us about your clinic, staff and local area.

I first opened my doors on Monday 29th April 2019, with much intrigue in the neighbourhood, because the shop has the most gorgeous old school window display, people would stop and look, comment on how lovely the shop looked, want to come in and have a nosey, say hello, wish me good luck, asked what I did and seemed genuinely interested in an alternative approach to skin health. It was an exciting time!

Also it didn’t look like a normal beauty salon and word seemed to spread quickly in the community about the ’NEW’ place on Abbott St, and new clients quickly booking to check me out and try my signature facial. I use Reiki in my treatments as well as creating a very nurturing space for people to really drift off some place else.

Word spread pretty quickly that my treatments were a little unique and super relaxing so in a matter of months I was booked out. When I first started, I had two product lines but quickly noticed that dermaviduals was getting far superior results and made a decision after 6 months to become an exclusive stockist.

I am a solo operator with no staff, so clients always get to see ‘The Boss’ and they like that consistency, also I’m a bit particular about the way I do certain treatments.

My room is located on the Lower North Shore, in the beautiful suburb of Cammeray which is just 5 kilometres north of the Sydney CBD. It’s a gorgeous suburb leafy and we are just off the main street.

The shop is part of a very old building which features all of the existing floorboards, structure and has a lovely vintage feel to it. Upon entering, many clients comment that I have put a lot of love and time into the place to make it feel as homely and cosy as possible.



What’s your favourite thing about your job?

When I left school, I wanted to be a beauty therapist and my mum talked me out of it and sent me to business school instead. After finishing my business degree and working in the corporate world for a number of years, I gave up a job at ANZ to go to beauty school and never looked back. (Sorry Mum)

My job involves helping people every day, offering a solution, making people feel better about themselves and what better job is there? What I really enjoy is playing skin “detective’ and really getting to the bottom of what’s causing the problem. I like to think outside the square and offer solutions that clients may never have been offered before and I also have a little smile when someone says, ‘no-ones ever asked me that before!’ I especially like working with challenging skins and feel very lucky to have clients put their faith in me and we celebrate together, which has been known to involve jumping up and down together!



What is your personal mantra?

I don’t actually have a personal mantra BUT I do believe that my gut instinct and intuition is strong and always guides me in the right direction and that I’m on the right path and exactly where I should be right now.



How has dermaviduals assisted your business?

When my little one was small and you’d have hours in the night breastfeeding or while they are sleeping, I’d be researching superstar individuals in the industry, watching what they were doing and saying, and I noticed a pattern that they were all dermaviduals stockists and that’s what sold it for me. If these guys really know their sh*t, then this must be a fantastic product line. I was also interested in Corneotherapy and that made total sense to me and I love the analogy of it. It’s also very easy to explain to clients and they understand it.

dermaviduals has helped me in so many ways that I can’t even write about here, but I can honestly say having a product I have 100% absolute faith in and that I get fantastic results from, sells itself, and I certainly feel very much part of a family with ‘derma’ and know they have my back and you can’t say that about many suppliers.



What is your favourite dermaviduals product and why?

Ok, so this is where my intuition and Kinesiology comes in, we first work out what our first priority is to treat and we break it down, we can choose from over 30 different serums that are specifically blended to combat your skin condition, so I get to play chemist and mix my magic potions and this is the fun part. That client walks away with something that you have carefully blended and chosen especially for them and that’s very special because no skin is the same. If I’m not sure between two similar serums, I’ll use my kinesiology and intuition to help make my final decision.



What is your number one skin care tip, especially during the recent ISO period?

Oh now that’s interesting because, with honesty I can say that my skin went a bit crazy during ISO with the initial stress of not being able to work, so the simple rule of ‘less is more’ worked for me.



What sets your clinic/treatments apart?

I have been in the industry for over 17 years and I have always specialised with the things I love doing and now that I have my shop, I just do what I’m passionate about, making people feel better about themselves with great results, and most importantly, creating a nurturing space for people ‘to step away from the constant noise and distraction of their busy lives’. If I can do that for every person that walks in the door to have a facial, my job is complete.

Since I opened my clinic, it has always been by appointment only, so everyone gets to enjoy uninterrupted nurturing time, so when I get a busy woman in for a treatment, she knows that for the next hour or so, it’s all about her and no one else… When they come into the rooms, the door is locked and the sign goes on the door ‘nurturing in progress’. You can’t just rock up for an appointment, as such.



Today, I found out I have been nominated as a finalist in the local business awards for the North Shore which is very exciting, my first time of entering.

I have also entered the ABIA awards for the first time this year too. So watch this space….

And just quietly, and on another note….after having a big freak out at the start of COVID like most other small business owners, I actually really enjoyed all the positives of COVID lockdown; spending some quality time with my son, realising I’m in the right profession after failing miserably at home schooling, the feeling of being secure with the support from dermaviduals, with their endless supply of updated education material. As well, it was an opportunity to slow life down and reassess priorities, the chance to work ON my business rather than IN it and when we were getting ready to re-open, being excited to know just how much our clients missed us, as much as we missed them.



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