Clinic of the Month | The Ritual Skin Studio 

by | 1 December 2023

It is our pleasure to introduce December’s ‘Clinic of the Month’ The Ritual Skin Studio located in Albury, New South Wales. 


Tell us about The Ritual Skin Studio 


To us, a ritual is a commitment to yourself. A promise of time that is dedicated to your wellbeing. Our name ‘The Ritual’ stemmed from that as we wanted our space to be part of our clients self care rituals. The studio is focused around the importance of human touch and its effects on the nervous system so our treatments are 100% hands on. Taking a holistic approach to healing skin, we believe that guiding our clients from their mind and into their bodies with meditation and intentional breathing has a profound impact on releasing stress and calming the nervous system.


The Ritual Skin Studio 

You both have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the skincare industry. How did you venture into creating a solo business together? 


 We are mother and daughter and have always dreamed of opening a space together. However, with living in different states for the last 10 years there was never an opportunity to. When Claudia moved to Albury from Melbourne after having a baby we knew we couldn’t miss the chance to make our studio dream come true.  We have over 30 years of industry experience between us so we took from what we have learnt and loved in those years to create The Ritual – a space dedicated to deep rest, rejuvenation and optimising skin health . 


Your clinic is lovely, where did you draw inspiration from with the fit-out and aesthetics?


Thank you! Cam has an incredible eye when it comes to interior design so she styled our fit out. The green was always going to be our feature as it is such a calming colour. we wanted to keep the space minimal and elegant with a feeling of home.  


The Ritual Skin Studio 

We love watching your videos on Instagram creating customised products! Why is dermaviduals bespoke range of products important to you and your clients?  


Claudia first started working with Dermaviduals over 10 years ago and has been addicted ever since! Every individual’s skin is so unique so working with skincare that can be customised to identically suit each skin is such a priority for us. Our clients love that their routine is always changing to work with what they need at the time, as the skin is constantly changing.  


We love asking this question – what are your top 3 dermaviduals products you simply cannot live without!?  


DMS Mask With Vitamins - Claudia’s favourite. ”I love how smooth and hydrated my skin feels after each use!” 

Süüsmoon Lotion P – Camilla’s favourite. ”It keeps my rosacea flare ups under control and dramatically reduces itching”  

And of course, dermaviduals deco!! We are both so obsessed with the deco foundation and could never go back to any other makeup. We love the flawless finish and how it doesn’t feel like regular makeup!  


Make sure to follow The Ritual Skin Studioon Instagram  and if you would like to book in to see Camilla and Claudia, click through to our Clinic Finder and make an appointment.