Clinic of the Month | The Villa Dermal Therapies | Katrya Bentley

by | 2 August 2022

We are excited to share with you our ‘Clinic of the Month’ for August; The Villa Dermal Therapies! Owner, Katrya Bentley shares with us her journey opening the clinic, which offers personalised services with a focus on providing bespoke clinic experiences. Read on to learn about her very talented team, why she loves dermaviduals, challenges faced running a business and her top tips for starting in the skincare industry.

The Villa Dermal Therapies Katrya Bentley

What sets your clinic/treatments apart?


We designed our clinic with customisation in mind, so we could welcome clients into the beautiful, spacious, and private clinic rooms. There is a beautiful garden, which gives our clinic a calm and welcoming atmosphere.

We also have a dedicated skin consultation room where we perform detailed 30–60-minute skin consultations for clients. These also include a skin scan, which we complete before each visit. I really believe our skin consultation sets us apart, as we take time to discuss the needs of the client, so we target their main concerns.

We also spend time educating our clients about Corneotherapy, skin health and explain how internal and external factors can influence the skin. I believe client education is key. I love science, so I find it really rewarding when I can explain what’s happening on a cellular level; clients really love and appreciate the information too.

What is your most popular treatment?


Our dermaviduals enzyme treatment combined with LED light therapy is super popular as it’s a great maintenance treatment and alternative to the ‘monthly’ chemical peel or microdermabrasion. Our Exceed skin needling is also very popular, and the results are amazing.

The Villa Dermal Therapies Treatments

How do you keep your staff motivated?


Easy, I treat my staff and contractors with absolute respect. I’ve always believed in creating a safe and welcoming workspace and understand that we are all human and have ups and downs. Being a skin therapist can sometimes be draining at times especially in busy periods, so I always advocate self-care for therapists. I also think providing ongoing education and events are super important for motivation.

What are the challenges of running a salon?


Being a small business owner is very challenging and it is usually time and cashflow related. Making time to wear so many hats can be stressful, but you can only do so much. I’ve really tried to actively force myself to stop over stressing and striving for absolute perfection all the time; I think perfectionism is my curse. Cashflow is also another major challenge for small business as it can be hard when you have a quiet week, which is why planning is key. One last challenge in this industry is finding staff that align with your business. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by women who are 100% aligned. I am grateful every day.


The Villa Dermal Therapies dermaviduals clinic

What has been your most memorable career moment so far?


I’ve owned 4 salons before, but I always rented the premises. The dream was to own the building, so the most memorable moment was building The Villa Dermal Therapies from the dirt up and walking in on the first day open knowing it was all mine.

How has dermaviduals assisted your business?


From the first training day with dermaviduals, I was so relieved to find a brand that aligned with my values. For years I knew I wasn’t happy with the methodologies I was providing my clients. dermaviduals gives me the confidence to prescribe to clients and know that they will get results and best of all, healthy skin. dermaviduals has also been the most supportive company to deal with, the education, personal support and encouragement is very personalised and it’s the best skincare company I’ve ever dealt with.

The Villa Dermal Therapies Dermaviduals

What is your number one skin care tip?


Daily SPF and essential fatty acids combined with a simple skin care routine.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start their own skin clinic?


Always use your gut instinct to guide your business decisions; never be pressured to follow others and don’t be scared to be different.

The Villa Dermal Therapies Clinic of the Month

If you would like to get in touch or know more about The Villa Dermal Therapies, please visit the website. The clinic is also on social media so make sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook!