Clinic of the Month –  Tuesday Skin

by | 1 July 2024

We are delighted to introduce July’s Clinic of the Month: Tuesday Skin, located in Mangonui & Kerikeri, New Zealand.

Q. How has Tuesday Skin evolved since our last interview in 2022?

When I was last interviewed, I had our flagship studio in Mangonui and rented a space at a brow studio in Kerikeri once a week. Since then, I’ve opened a second studio in Kerikeri with three treatment rooms and employed a full-time advanced skin therapist, Cass, who has taken over the majority of the skin side of Tuesday, allowing me to focus on injecting. With her came years of experience, industry knowledge, and a whole lot of fun! We’ve incorporated bespoke dermaviduals facials into our menu, along with more advanced skin treatments like BBL + Moxi.

Q. What major milestones or achievements has Tuesday Skin reached in the past year?

Tuesday Skin has experienced major growth in the past year, focusing on building and strengthening our client base with a more holistic approach now that we offer more treatments and have more hands on deck. A big focus has been on systems and processes to ensure everyone feels supported throughout their journey at Tuesday. This approach has also allowed Cass and me to balance family life and self-care, ensuring we come to the studio with a full cup that overflows onto our clients.

Q. Can you discuss any new trends in skincare that Tuesday Skin has embraced recently?

Nothing new for me. I’ve been advocating for corneotherapy and the importance of maintaining the skin barrier from the beginning. However, I am noticing that the integrity of the skin and its function are becoming priorities for others and gaining more attention. “Skin is in,” and new clients are seeking us out because of our practices, products, and approach.

Q. How has client feedback influenced changes or improvements in your clinic?

They asked, we listened. We’ve introduced skin memberships in our studios, making self-care more affordable with weekly payments for treatments. Clients are building on their treatment plans and products because they can afford to do so, resulting in better outcomes for everyone.

Q. What new technologies or products have you integrated into your practice, and how have they impacted client outcomes?

In September 2023, I invested in a Sciton light and laser device that has revolutionised Tuesday Skin. The Broadband Light (BBL) technology clears pigment and broken vessels while changing the gene expression of skin cells to act and look younger. Check out this Stanford University study and the Moxi, a non-ablative fractional laser that enhances the treatment of skin surface layers while preserving the skin barrier (finally a treatment safe and effective for Melasma). With extra hands, we launched our facial menu in October 2023, expanding our dermaviduals product line and availability. Many have voted it the “best facial they’ve ever had” (Cass has magic hands).

Q. Can you share any success stories or transformations that showcase your clinic’s impact on your clients’ skincare journeys?

There are many to choose from. Transformations always start with our clients’ products. Most new clients come with a plethora of skincare products from various brands, often overwhelmed and ineffective. We simplify with a basic Dermaviduals regime—cleansing milk, EGCG, and a suitable DMS Base cream—to support our studio treatments and restore their skin to homeostasis.

Q. What are your favourite dermaviduals products for the winter months, and how do they benefit your clients during the cooler season?

Definitely the Vitamin Cream Mask has been a favourite this winter, providing essential vitamins (A, C, E) for skin function and B5 to support moisture content, reducing oxidative stress more common in cooler months.

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