Clinic of the Month | Unspoken Skin & Brows

by | 1 August 2023

It is our pleasure to introduce August’s ‘Clinic of the Month’ Unspoken Skin & Brows, located in Caboolture, Queensland. 

Tell us about your clinic and what attracted you to pursue a career in the skincare industry?

I have been in the beauty industry for over two decades and my focus has always been skin health and brows. Our dream was to create a beautiful and calm space for our guests to feel relaxed and cared for and to take time for themselves. Through creating ‘Unspoken’ we have achieved this and now our beautiful space is home to skin and brow transformations.  

Your clinic is absolutely beautiful, what inspired the interior aesthetic?

We wanted to create a space that oozes a calm, grounded energy. Our aesthetic is neutral earthy tones while still delivering a modern and airy vibe. What we have is so unique to our area and we wanted a luxury-type feel that is still cosy for our guests to enjoy.   

What drove you to become a stockist for dermaviduals?

We were aware of other salons that offered dermaviduals and we were so impressed by the results that clients were experiencing with a dermaviduals regime. The brand also stood out due to the ability to customise skincare for whatever skin condition is presented in front of us. The education and support provided by the dermaviduals team is also beyond amazing and we are so happy to be a partner with them.  

You have a large team of therapists working at Unspoken Skin & Brows, in what way do you keep your team motivated and inspired?

It’s so important to have a supportive and loving culture. As a team we really value open and honest communication, having a goal to work towards together, and checking in regularly with each other through one-on-one meetings. We are also big believers in constantly upskilling and training. We are a team of natural carers and know how to hold space beautifully for our clients and for each other. Our team is something special, that’s for sure.  

At dermaviduals clinics we know the importance of well-rounded health, tell us a little about how you care for your body from within.

Moving my body is so important for my mind. I always feel energised and focused after a workout session, whether it be at my local Fitstop, a bike ride or a walk with my husband and daughters. Staying hydrated is also a part of my health and skin health, and I have scheduled non-negotiable wellness appointments with my naturopath, massage therapist, and counsellor. Looking after myself in these ways ensures that I can be the best version of myself and share this with those around me. Caring for my skin and body is a priority and I always encourage my team and clients to do the same.  

Make sure to follow Unspoken Skin & Brows on Instagram and if you would like to book in to see Jen and her team, click through to our Clinic Finder and make an appointment.