Bare Skin and Beauty

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Our focus is on a holistic approach to healthy skin, from the inside out. Our passion is to help our client’s on their skin journey and as we follow their journey we can adapt treatments and products as the skin changes. Instead of short-term results achieved from chemical peels and harshly scratching away skin to get ‘quick and temporary’ results, we work for healthy skin that functions correctly with long lasting results. This is so important when treating skin concerns, skin conditions such as Rosacea and Barrier Impaired skin and when focusing on anti-aging and anti-acne.

Education and training is utmost important for us to help our clients achieve the best results possible and to keep up to date with industry changes.

Our skincare ranges, supplements and body products also focus on creating healthy functioning skin by eliminating toxic ingredients, colours and fragrance where possible to help repair and restore the skin’s barrier. The product ranges we stock have been carefully selected with different skins in mind, researched and trialled by me personally to offer the widest range to suit all skin types and budgets.

Our philosophy – “bare skin is the best foundation you can wear”

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dermaviduals products