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Holistic Skin Health & Wellness (Catherine Hottes) renowned dermatological therapies combine the most effective traditional clinical treatments with the very best of contemporary innovation and advances in holistic skincare. With 25 years of experience in the Beauty and Aesthetic industry, Catherine has earned wide-ranging acclaim for her passion and expertise in providing therapeutics that achieve both vibrantly healthy and aesthetically refined complexions. With her individual approach to clinical beauty, Catherine’s Sydney practice offers a range of services, performed with state-of-the-art technology in combination with fully customised, prescriptive Corneotherapy products, formulated to target and treat specific dermatological concerns. Bespoke clinical health therapies demands invariable excellence and commitment to ongoing development in pursuit of refinement and well being. Consistent client satisfaction of the highest degree ensures that Catherine’s reputation as a renowned skin therapist with a unique approach to clinical beauty continues to flourish.


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dermaviduals, EXCEED products