Medacare Skin Clinic

96 Grey Street ,
Invercargill NZ
03 2170132

Medacare NZ is a specialist skin clinic run by nutrition & skin expert, Lee Cameron, focusing on expert care in dietary and multi-award-winning aesthetic treatment of simple or more complex skin conditions.

The Medacare Philosophy: Nutritional factors drive every chemical reaction in your body, including your immune system, thereby regulating both health and disease outcomes.

Why the right skin treatment matters: Treating the skin safely and effectively can be challenging without considering all of the developmental factors, and with many people suffering from skin conditions they cannot understand, manage, or control, people lose faith in being able to overcome them. For this reason, we are committed to establishing a very special skin clinic based on this philosophy, for the most informative and clinically effective treatment available, to either teach people how to manage their skin disorder without symptoms or to completely resolve these often curable conditions. Most of all, I want to educate people to be able to stop wasting time and money on treatments and products that don’t work and harm the skin making it harder to treat correctly. Integrity is key when treating people and being responsible for providing treatment product, without it people get lost in consumerism.

Stockist of

dermaviduals, deco products