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In today’s busy world, sometimes it’s important to take a moment for the most important person in your life, you!  Let’s face it, while we all know it’s important to look after your body by eating a healthy diet, we often don’t connect the fact that stress, processed foods, and nutrient deficiencies can impact your skin’s health and lead to skin breakouts and premature aging. If you are only treating your skin from the outside, then you are likely missing a vital part of your skin’s assessment and the need to treat your skin from the inside-out.

Our Naturopathic Skin Specialist, Cheryl Penna has created a unique Whole Body Wellness approach to treating your skin and getting your skin-health back on track. Cheryl is a qualified Corneotherapist and a member of IAC Association. The goal of a Corneotherapist is to address the cause of your skin condition, and not just treat the symptoms on the surface of your skin.  Many clinicians use treatments on their clients without first ascertaining the level of cellular damage or the condition of the bi-layers of the skin.  This can result in expensive, repeat treatments that do not obtain the desired results or may even fail completely.  Corneotherapy approaches skincare differently.  Before any treatment or products are prescribed, a thorough examination of the condition of the bi-layers of the skin is undertaken. It is important during this process not to upset the acid mantle, but rather give it what it needs to maintain harmony. Then, and only then, can you give it the ‘superfood’ via advanced pure products, that it needs.

We use minimal technology in our treatments, instead, we rely on a hands-on approach combined with a dietary and nutritional assessment to determine your skin’s nutritional needs.  Your skin assessment includes a transdermal light therapy device that measures 7 vital skin parameters that give an accurate profile of the health of your skin.  When combined with our in-depth health assessment and specialised skin therapy products, we often see remarkable results within the first few treatments.

If you feel it’s time to move to a total skin approach and take your skin health to the next level, then give us a call to arrange your initial skin consultation.

We only use and recommend dermaviduals skin therapy products in our treatments as well as home care products. Why? Because we care what we put on your skin.

Urban Sense Wellness Clinic offers a range of treatments including bespoke facials, Enzymes Peels, and CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy).

Stockist of

dermaviduals, deco, EXCEED, MTS Roller products