Come listen with us!! | The ‘business of skin’ podcasts

by | 28 August 2020

We’re obsessing over the launch of our derma podcast series right now…If you’ve never dipped your toes into the wide world of podcasts, prepare yourself for your new obsession: ‘The Business of Skin’ by derma aesthetics Australasia.

If you are intrigued by interviews with industry gurus that deep dive into products and skin truths, food and mental health, health and wellness space, gut health, the gut-brain connection, the microbiome, women in business, women supporting women and all things SKIN….. these are the podcasts to listen to and subscribe to now.

These are the podcasts you’ve been waiting for:

#1 Charlotte Rimmer is a local Northern Beaches resident,  who founded Aide de MD after 20 years of managing sales teams and SMEs. (Small and medium-sized enterprises). Charlotte’s diverse experience in sales and operational management and recruitment firms in both London and Sydney provided solid experience for her business. This knowledge, combined with further education in Executive Coaching through the Institute of Coaching & Consulting, and the Company Director’s Course with the AICD, provides a hands-on, proactive approach to business management. Aide de MD has been operating for over 14 years.

Charlotte interviews industry leaders Reika Roberts and Simone Vescio and their journey to dermaviduals in Australia….as partners and founders of the business: derma aesthetics Australasia. Enjoy the journey here 🎧



#2 Simone Vescio is business partner, co founder and Educator at derma aesthetics Australasia….Simone embraces her work to mentor our clinic owners and dermal therapists and has been instrumental in helping develop some of Australia’s most successful skin clinics. Simone recently founded the Australasian Academy of Corenotherapy after identifying a lack of non-product aligned advanced skin education, based on the philosophy of Corneotherapy. Simone holds a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, along with a certificate in IPL and Laser safety. She is an integral member on the Education Board of the International Association for Applied Corneotherapy..

To educate those in the industry or clients on skin health and how by using ‘Outside In Therapy’ | ‘Corneotherapy’, you can overcome ongoing skin problems and prevent anti ageing, where other conventional beauty products cant, we invite you to listen and learn ‘where to learn’ more, in our podcast on Corneotherapy here🎧



#3 Meet Michele Chevalley Hedge…”I met Michele through talks she hosted over the years on nutrition, health and wellness, and from that moment I thought wow- this woman has lived and breathed corporate stress and gets my life – so we stayed in touch and Michele has presented at symposiums and been on panels with us because our nutrition and gut health is so closely linked to what we see presenting in the skin”, Reika Roberts.

We were in awe of Michele’s amazing journey from Marketing Manager at Microsoft to impacting the world educating on all things health and well being especially for the busy person and her understanding of the modern day demands when it comes to families and corporate life.. 

Michele herself speaks from experience coming from this corporate back ground in a demanding executive role for a multinational organisation for many years and can share her own story of how life can take over and nutrition and well being can be overlooked….Michele runs her own very successful business A Healthy View,  where amongst other things she offers a range of programs to help you wade through all the confusing nutritional advice out there, find out more about the importance of Gut Health and Nutrition and how it affects our skin; we explore evidence based research on nutrition, sleep and stress hacking … all while having a bit of coffee and wine! Infact, enjoy a wine, while Reika interviews Michele in an inspiring and fun podcast here🎧



#4 Jennifer Broduer is the founder of JB Skin Guru, she is an inspiring female entrepreneur, teacher, and skin strategist, to many VIP’s globally with over 20 years of experience in the aesthetics beauty industry.

Known for her study and deep knowledge of light therapy, Ms. Brodeur and her husband created Max+ in 2003, a highly sought-after LED light therapy device that that has now been caring for and healing skin across the world for 17 years….Important to note that Max + LED is used by leading aestheticians, Drs and Dermatologists for many skin disorders and diseases, post operative wound healing, burns, post radiation therapy and so much more.

The success of Max+ positioned Jennifer as a global light therapy consultant, which attracted an inspiring elite and powerful clientele and earn’t her the title of “skin whisperer to the stars! Just to mention a few Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama!

So, all the way from Montreal, we took a deep dive with Jennifer into the benefits of light therapy with LED or light emitting diodes. To dive into this podcast too, listen here 🎧

Enjoy our podcast series to date and stay tuned as we launch them monthly in our podcast series  “The Business of Skin”. Let us know if you would like to suggest a topic you would love our team of amazing ‘Skin Philocalists’ to discuss.