Creating Healthy Habits With Lady Lolas

by | 7 January 2019

Katie Lolas AKA Lady Lolas inspires women on the daily via her social media channels and blog by sharing her meal prepping, workouts and advice. Katie believes that “all women are capable of achieving their goals and taking control of their health and fitness by incorporating sustainable strategies into their routine. It’s so important to invest time in ourselves to create habits that we enjoy and serve us well so that we can become the best version of ourselves!” We chatted to Katie about her health, fitness and her balanced approach to life.


Why do you think it so important for everyone to look after their health from mind to body, skin to nutrients and fitness?

“I believe that investing time to look after our mental and physical health will mean we experience fewer health problems and improve our overall wellbeing. I know I always feel my best when I make time to exercise and fuel my body with nutrient-dense foods.”



Do you have any favourite mottos you live by?

“Create healthy habits, not restrictions.”



How long have you been using dermaviduals and what have you noticed a change in your skin since starting?

“I’ve been using dermaviduals for 9 months and my skin has never looked better! It has improved in texture, my breakouts are few and far between and most importantly my skin tone has evened out and my melasma is fading. I love dermaviduals because their skincare is bespoke and science-based.”



What are your favourite dermaviduals products and why?

“I love my Lotion P toner because it keeps my skin congestion free! Also, my PlutioDerm Plus moisturiser because it keeps my skin hydrated without feeling oily and it sits nicely under makeup. Oh, and my bespoke serum because it strengthens my skin whilst evening out my skin tone!”



What’s your usual skin routine?

“My morning and evening routine include the following steps using dermaviduals products:

  1. Cleanser – Total Cleaning Cream
  2. Toner – Lotion P
  3. Bespoke serum
  4. Serum for pigmentation – Whitening Concentrate
  5. Moisturiser – PlutioDerm


Once a week I will exfoliate using the dermaviduals DMS Peeling Cream followed by applying a DMS Mask with Vitamins.”



Skin health is one thing, but what else do you love doing to look after your health?

“Dedicating time to self-care is key. I’ve learnt to make sure I get enough sleep and always listen to my body. I like to keep active with a combination of weight training and recently I’ve started running. I try to drink 2L of water per day and ensure that my diet includes a wide variety of colourful nutrient dense wholefoods. However, nothing is off limits within moderation because balance is key!”



Everyone knows you as the #LLMealPrep legend – what’s your favourite combo of meals and snacks for the week?

“I recently made these blueberry protein muffins for breakfast and they were the absolute bomb! I enjoy yoghurt and fruit as my morning snack. For lunch, one of my favourite recipes would have to be my roasted broccoli, chickpea and brown rice nourish bowl. Hummus and vegetable sticks always make a good afternoon snack. You can access all my super simple and delicious recipes for free on!”



What inspires you to share your knowledge and passion for health with the social media world?

“I love how belonging to an online community enables me to share my fitness journey, because it illustrates that there has been nothing extreme about my approach. My intention behind sharing details about my health and fitness is that it may provide my others with ideas to implement tools of their own because the key to success is finding what works for you!”