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by | 12 February 2021

You can share the same set of genes, but your dermaviduals DNA will be different!

Ask us about customising your solution!

2021 – The year of facials. The year where we rebuild and come back stronger. The year where we create brand new skin goals – and smash them!

How do we do this you might ask? Well, we search for an expert skin therapist who is working with the best products to offer a truly customised and personalised skin treatment experience alongside recommending the best home care products for your skin and its unique fingerprint!

Within the skin care and aesthetics arena, we are continually bombarded with a vast array of new and exciting product and treatment options. As a consumer, thinking about which product to use, when to use it, how to use it, what is right and what is not, can at times, leave us feeling a little overwhelmed.

This is where the care and advice from your trusted expert skin therapist comes in.  We couldn’t think of anything better than to have our skin looked after by an educated skin therapist who has the power of customisation at their fingertips! Recently, there has been an upsurge in skin clinics wanting to create a new level of customisation. This allows your skin therapist the opportunity to formulate and create the best option for you and your unique skin care needs.

I am sure that you have all heard the word – customisation, but what does it really mean? What should you be looking for when booking in for a service in your local clinic? Let’s take a look each of the steps that are involved in creating a customised skin treatment and home care prescription.

Whether you are booked in for a service or heading into your local clinic to ask for skin care advice, the first service you should be offered is an advanced skin analysis. Your advanced skin analysis is designed to allow your expert skin therapist the opportunity to explore your skins individual needs, and gives your skin therapist foresight to create a unique skin treatment and home care recommendation, just for you.


(Image courtesy dermaviduals partner, Balgownie Beauty)


Next time you are booking in for a service and you are asked to arrive early for your treatment to fill in a lengthy consultation form, just remember that the more you can share, the better prepared your skin therapist will be to customise your treatment and home care prescription. Your advanced skin analysis allows your skin therapist to join the dots and understand why your skin may be presenting with a specific concern on that day. Whether you present with a lipid dry, oily or even diffused red skin, your skin therapist will be able to create a treatment that will focus on the repair and rebuilding of your skin from the outside in.


(Image courtesy dermaviduals partner, EKO Skin Care Spa)


Your customised skin treatment will be created by using dermaviduals products that follow the innovative and progressive methodology of Corneotherapy. A methodology that focuses on the correction and restoration of the Stratum Corneum and barrier defence systems, while keeping the epidermis intact at all times.

Following your skin analysis, you will be taken on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation starting with a customised double cleanse. This is an opportunity for your skin therapist to utilise their touch to understand more about your skin and its needs. Does your skin feel rough and uneven? Does your skin feel lumpy and bumpy or does it feel smooth? The feel of your skin will ensure your skin therapist chooses the correct customised cleanser.


(Image courtesy dermaviduals partner, Be U Beauty)


The next step in your customised skin treatment is where your skin therapist will customise an enzymatic exfoliant to smooth and remove redundant skin cells that may make the appearance of some skin conditions appear more prominent.

dermaviduals Enzyme Treatment Mask is the perfect option for all skin types and conditions as it helps to prevent comedones, increase cellular turnover, improves the texture if the skin and leaves the skin in optimum condition to receive a blend of customised actives to target and treat your concerns. The best thing about our Enzyme Treatment Mask is that it can be customised!

Now that your skin is feeling smooth, a bespoke blend of active ingredients are gently pressed onto the skin to specifically target any skin concern that has been presented. To ensure these actives penetrate and work optimally, your skin therapist will massage your skin to stimulate microcirculation and then finish with the application of a mask that will aid in further penetration of your selected actives.

To finish your treatment, a Tonic and DMS Cream will be applied to helps comfort and seal in all the goodness and to help maintain the skin barrier defence systems.


(Image courtesy dermaviduals partner, Tanya Ferguson Holistic Health)


Remember that no skin treatment is complete without your personalised home care recommendation. This way you will maintain the benefits from your in clinic treatment!

Your skin therapist and their know how of your skin along with dermaviduals and our philosophy of customised skin care, will ensure that your skin is fed exactly the right ingredients for it to thrive!

So, next time you’re planning a visit to your local clinic, ensure that your skin therapist is working with skin care solutions that are individual and customised to your skin and its needs. Ensure that your skin therapist is working with dermaviduals x

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