Daffodil Day & My Commitment to Cancer Patients

by | 23 August 2019

Today (August 23) is Daffodil Day, which is Cancer Council’s most iconic and much-loved annual campaign that raises life-saving funds for world-class cancer research. The day supports the 145,000 Australians that are diagnosed with cancer each year.

I would like to take the chance today to reaffirm my commitment to make a difference in cancer patients’ lives, by providing training and education programs with skincare practitioners across Australia and New Zealand.

By 2020, I am aiming to put in place a register of Oncology Aesthetics Practitioners who have been highly trained and are accredited in treating cancer patients pre, during and post-treatment.

To do this, I have enlisted the help of internationally renowned Oncology Aesthetics expert Morag Currin who will return to New Zealand in late October and Australia in early November to provide a series of workshops and training programs. If you are a skin therapist or aesthetician interested in learning how you can support cancer patients, you can learn more here or I’d be happy to chat with you personally. Please call me on 1300 420 223.

Cancer is never an easy topic to talk about, let alone understand. However, it is my intention to educate, inform and elevate a national dialogue in our industry about cancer to all of our clients as to how dermaviduals can help manage the changes in the skin that occurs depending on the form of cancer treatment.

Our focus on Oncology Aesthetics means that more skin treatment therapists can make a difference to the quality of lives of people afflicted with this insidious disease. After all, the beauty salon/spa is a place that can offer tremendous relief both psychologically and physically, from cancer treatment. My focus is to provide an education platform so that more clinics and spas can offer accredited places to offer modified skin treatments which can accommodate the increased effects such as burning, redness, ulceration, pigmentation and scarring.

One of the main cancers affecting Australians is breast cancer – according to the Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) in 2018, it has been estimated that 18,087 women and 148 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer. This means that approximately 18,235 Australians were diagnosed with breast cancer last year. Whilst diagnosis is on the increase, deaths from breast cancer are declining.

Paula Cliffin of MySkinSpa who is an accredited Oncology Aesthetics Practitioner explains, “UV from the sun, radioactive emissions causes the formation of oxygen radicals in the skin. They penetrate deeper into the skin and the external effects become more visible and inflammation can develop into a burning and itching sensation.

“Phosphatidylcholine, which is contained within dermaviduals products, protects the cells against gamma radiation and hence the skin cell from being aggressively damaged in this manner – without inhibiting the effectiveness of the cancer treatment. The scientists at dermaviduals have formulated all products without the use of barrier inhibiting ingredients such as fragrances, colours, preservatives and emulsifiers, as these ingredients inhibit the functionality of skin,” said Paula.

Today, while I am chipping away at my goal of an Oncology Aesthetics Practitioners Register, if you can, purchase a bunch of daffodils or a badge to contribute to the amazing work the Cancer Council does. We can all play our bit in kicking cancer’s butt, big or small.

Reika xx