deco – How is dermaviduals makeup different?

by | 4 December 2020

Have you ever wondered what exactly is in your makeup? What kind of ingredients are you applying on a daily basis? Are the ingredients you are applying working with your skin and or are they working against it?

From thick and ‘cakey’ makeup that sits in all the wrong places to only exacerbate the imperfections you are wanting to disguise, all the way to breakouts and under surface congestion leading to a rough and uneven complexion – We know that not all makeup products are created equally. It’s time that you have a look at what you are applying and make the necessary changes to start working with ingredients that are physiological. Ingredients that are skin identical. Ingredients that will provide you with your healthiest skin ever!

This is where dermaviduals deco steps in. Imagine applying a range of foundations, loose mineral powders, blush and liners that actually care for your skin all while camouflaging any imperfections easily and effectively. dermaviduals deco perfectly compliments dermaviduals ‘modular’ skincare range as it also closely follows the principles of Corneotherapy meaning that the entire deco range of products are free from the following:

Mineral Oils



Not only are deco make up products free from the common nasties that can be found in many other make up ranges, deco also contains dermaviduals renowned DMS technology – meaning that your skin barrier is always protected. You can rest assured that when you use deco make up, you are applying only the best ingredients that are designed to protect, repair and rebuild your skin.

Let’s take a look at dermaviduals deco in a little more depth and understand some of the unique ingredients that make this range perfect to enhance your skins natural balance and resilience.

Comprising of Base Foundation, Loose Powder, Cover and Conceal, Blushes and Liners, your deco products will be personally recommended after a thorough consultation with your skin therapist. Whether you have a skin with little imperfections that requires a light coverage to provide a sheer glow or if you experience acute inflammatory skin disorders, deco formulations contain only the best ingredients that are backed by science and innovative research.

Our Base Foundations are perfect for creating a smooth and soft texture which improves the skins appearance. Perfect for diffusing light, hiding fine lines and creates a matt look to the skin.

Base Foundations contain skin loving ingredients such as:

Ascorbic Acid/Vitamin C – Increases collagen production, acts as an antioxidant to protect the skin and a tyrosinase inhibitor (the enzyme that is required to create pigment) leading to a clear and bright complexion.
Tocopherol/Vitamin E – Great antioxidant properties that will also increase hydration and improve elasticity.
Jojoba Oil – Physiological and sebum identical. Jojoba works to smooth, moisturise and provide additional protection.
Squalene – With antioxidant, antibacterial and emollient properties to lock in moisture, squalene also works to support cell regeneration.

Our Loose Powders are created with physiological components that are talc free and have excellent absorption properties for the skin. Created using Mica – the shining star of mineral makeup, our loose powders are opalescent and provide a silky texture on the skin. Loose Powders are available in three colours with each colour individually adapting to your skin colour:

Summer Light Beige
Summer Light Bronze



Our Mineral Blushes are created with non-comedogenic and talc free formulations. Containing the ingredient Urea, which acts as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, our mineral blushes are the perfect accompaniment to your deco Base Foundation and allow you to contour your make up look or even apply as a bronzer for a natural glow. Along with unique ingredient formulation, our deco makeup will also:

Reflect light
Provide Instant radiance
Provide all day colour stay
Allergen and irritant free formulation

Our multi-functioning deco Liners have been created to use either on the eye lid, Eyebrow or lip line. Containing antioxidant Vitamin C & E, vegetable oils and waxes, deco liners are easy to use and provide a long-lasting application. Available in the following shades, our Liners are the perfect addition to your make up look:

Dark Brown
Red Brown
Light Brown

deco is customisable – Our foundations can be blended and created just for you and your individual skin tone.
deco is pure – Just like our skincare range, you can be assured that there are no nasties hiding in our makeup.
deco is corrective – Our deco range adheres to the principles of Corneotherapy and actively works with the skin, as opposed to just masking skin conditions.

With so many great products available, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with your local dermaviduals deco stockist here, (the clinics that are showing “deco”), so that you can make the switch and reap the skin benefits of dermaviduals deco 💙