dermaviduals Christmas Gift Packs – Don’t Forget One For You!

by | 29 September 2014

Sound the trumpets! dermaviduals is proud to herald the arrival of our 2014 Christmas Gift Pack collection. Our curated skin care kits provide luxurious cleansing, soothing, and protection for a glowing, healthy complexion.

And because each kit is tailored for specific skin conditions, you have the perfect holiday present for every name on your list.

dermaviduals Gift Packs – Luxurious Box Sets

Like all dermaviduals products, the focus is on uncompromised skin care. That’s why we’ve created three different gift packs with unique products and properties.

  • dermaviduals Essentials Dry Christmas Gift Pack delivers extra moisture to stubbornly dry skin with generous amounts of Cleansing Milk, Face Tonic, DMS High Classic Plus, and Eye Cream. It’s a wonderful gift for anyone fighting the effects of ageing.
  • dermaviduals Essentials Sensitive Christmas Pack provides TLC to easily irritated skin with pure, gentle Total Cleansing Cream, Face Tonic, DMS High Classic, and Eye Cream. An ideal choice for someone frustrated by the harsh ingredients commonly found in skincare products. Remember, if you do have sensitive skin, you still need to consult your skin care professional. Our bespoke products may just be what your skin needs.
  • dermaviduals Essentials Oily Christmas Pack curbs acne, blemishes, and breakouts with Cleansing Gel, Lotion P, DMS Classic, and Eye Cream. Perfect for those who want to perfect their complexions, especially teens.

A Gift of Savings at Christmas Time

Because dermaviduals Christmas Gift Packs are perfect for everyone on your list – men and women, alike – we’re making it even easier for you to give this perfect present with all Essentials Gift Packs coming jam packed with value and pre-wrapped, ready to be placed under your tree.

Christmas Sunshine Alert

The arrival of warmer weather means that many of us will be flocking to the beach and enjoying lots of outdoor activities. That’s great for your health, but may not be so good for your skin. You should be applying SPF all year round, but for you beach-goers, now is the time to really focus on sunscreen and sun protection to ensure you protect your skin and your health.

Exposure to UVA and UVB contributes to premature skin ageing, sunburn, melanoma and other skin cancers.

UVA penetrates deeply into the dermis causing

  • Genetic damage to cells
  • Photo-ageing (wrinkles, blotchiness)
  • Immune suppression

UVB penetrates into the epidermis causing

  • Damage to the cells
  • Sunburn
  • An increased risk of skin cancer, especially melanoma

What can be done? A daily application of dermaviduals Sun Cream SPF 15 or Day Cream Plus SPF 30 will help prevent damage to skin cells and premature ageing. 

You Play in the Sun Longer

SPF 15 protects against 93.3 % of the UVB radiation, while SPF 30 provides 96.7 % UVB protection. Because dermaviduals Sun Cream SPF 15 absorbs so much damaging UVB radiation, you can stay in the sun 15 times longer than if you are without any protection, before getting burned.

Don’t discount the SPF 15 for your ‘everyday’ protection. Just like your second skin, you almost don’t know it’s there.

dermaviduals broad spectrum sun protection also protects against damaging UVA radiation, helping you to look sun-kissed, not sun-cooked.

It’s never too soon to protect your skin from the sun’s punishing rays. Contact your aesthetic professional today about dermaviduals Sun Cream SPF 15 and Day Cream Plus SPF 30.