DM Beauty is Our Clinic of the Month for January 2017!

by | 1 January 2017

DM Beauty is a small boutique clinic in Carine (a northern suburb of Perth) specialising in tailored facial treatments and skin care. Owner, Daniela Merceron, specialises in problem and sensitive skin and chatted to us about her Perth-based business. If you need help with your skin, want a treatment tailored just for you and honest advice, DM Beauty is the clinic for you. Daniela not only provides expert skincare, but will always take the time to answer your questions about skin care and what products will be right for you and why. Taking time for each client is paramount at DM Beauty, which is why they adhere to a strict appointment schedule. “Working by appointment allows me to give each client the time and comfort they need. Each appointment is scheduled so that there is no waiting. When the client arrives I am ready and waiting to treat them, making the most of their precious time.”

DM Beauty absolutely adore their clients who enjoy a myriad of benefits such as a Loyalty Program, Client Referral Program and new this year, a Product Swap Program. “The Product Swap Program is especially exciting as many young clients find changing all their skin care at once very costly. It is a win-win situation, clients get a great price for their skincare products and I know they will be using high quality customised skincare which is helping me to improve their skin’s condition.”




What keeps you inspired professionally? “The human body is fascinating; the way everything works together in synergy… and skin is a very important part of it – the first touch with the environment and the largest organ. It is exciting trying to find what went wrong when the skin is ‘screaming’ the signals: red, itchy, flaky, oily, and so on. It is a process of investigation and constant learning, which I love – thinking about the best treatment plan and the best active ingredients and it is very satisfying to see the results! My nursing background and experience help me understand the connections between skin and other systems within the body.”

“I find it rewarding when my clients tell me they are happy with my work and feel their skin has dramatically improved. Feedback from clients is really important because it helps me adjust their treatments and daily skincare prescription.”

“It took me two years to find the ONE skincare range and I do not regret the time of testing and researching. dermaviduals has been the best skin care range I have found on the market so far. In my view, this is a revolution in cosmetics and skincare products. Finally we have products that look after the health of the skin and support the skin’s main function – protection.”




What is your favourite dermaviduals product and why? “It is definitely a custom-mixed eye serum, “Bright Eyes”. When you start seeing fine lines around your eyes it is necessary to have good anti-ageing eye care!”

What is your number one skin care tip? “Your skin is talking to you, learn how to listen to it! All feelings and visible changes are a result of something in your body not working well. Taking care of your skin is not just using correct skincare, it goes far beyond that. Do not neglect the signs your skin is giving you and go after the cause – observe, find a therapist you trust and ask questions.”




New products and equipment enter the beauty industry almost daily. How do you keep up with this and how do you determine what is hype and what is genuine? “There are a number of ways I keep up with the ever-changing beauty industry, since they all bring different research to inform my decisions. I follow professional discussion groups, schedule regular meetings with my Business Development Manager, read newsletters from professional associations and of course, I am in touch with other therapists. It has been over five years now since I chose Corneotherapy as the field of skin therapy to follow and a proud member of the International Association for Applied Corneotherapy. The main rule of Corneotherapy is preserving the integrity of skin barrier defence systems at all times and this just makes sense to me. Corneotherapy is my field of expertise and I believe I can make a big difference in a client’s skin just by correct and customised skincare regime and regular treatments. Having a knowledge of cosmetic chemistry is a must in the beauty industry (I am proud of being the first to become a Pastiche Skin Diagnostic Technician through completion of a training program by Florence Barrett-Hill). This makes me very curious about ingredients, product formulation and safety. Curiosity is a key factor in determining not only what is hype but also what might compromise the integrity of the skin barrier defence system.



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