Why you should incorporate masks into your winter skincare routine to supercharge your skin’s hydration

by | 4 July 2022

Winter months are a challenge causing many skin problems due to the low temperatures and humidity levels. As promised, we continue from last month’s blog, sharing with you some helpful ideas on how to supercharge your skin’s hydration and reduce any season related inflammation.

Continue reading to learn how to get the hydration and nourishment your skin needs immediately, whilst boosting your skincare routine with the addition of masks. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you wondering what masks to use. We share the best in market products with a bonus beauty tip we can’t live without.

dermaviduals winter face masks for hydration

How can you hydrate and nourish your skin quickly?


As the temperature continues to drop you might start to notice your skin is struggling to stay hydrated. Is your skin starting to feel more dry, tight, uncomfortable and a little stressed out? You’re not alone and we have a quick and easy way to boost your skin’s hydration levels at home for a no fuss solution.

Masks! The power of the mask is undeniable as the right ones can be filled with pure, active ingredients to help lock in the moisture your skin so desperately needs. There are many types of masks on the market, and it is essential you find the product not only right for your skin, but one that is doing the job intended. When looking for a mask to help hydrate, nourish and soothe your skin make sure to consider the following:



Look for any nasties on the label, avoiding things such as fragrances, preservatives, parabens, emulsifiers, artificial colours, mineral oils, silicones, and amines. The goal is to find products with pure, active ingredients such as essential fatty acids, correct PH, antioxidants, immunomodulators, anti-inflammatories and age management products to name just a few.

Protects your skin’s barrier!


Let’s be honest, the only true products protecting your skin’s barrier are based on the principles of Corneotherapy. Do your research and learn the science behind what you are putting on your skin when shopping for skincare products. The last thing you want to be doing is causing more harm than good when your skin is already struggling to fight the winter elements.

Customisation & Care


We love customised skincare simply because no two skins are the same. This applies to your masks. Speak with a trained skin treatment therapist who can tailor your mask to your skincare routine, so you can rest assured knowing your skin is getting the absolute best it deserves and needs.

Do masks boost your skincare routine in winter?


Absolutely yes! But only if you are being consistent, using products that protect your skin’s barrier (corneotherapy based), applying only pure and active ingredients and ensuring the products used are right for your skin and it’s needs. Slapping on a mask mid-week when you are following an ad-hoc skincare routine, have an impaired barrier and/or using products that are working against your skin will not yield the results you want.

Remember, a healthy skin barrier can absorb the actives and serums properly so you can achieve results. When your skin’s barrier is working, using masks in your routine will help to boost the hydration it needs and calm irritated skin during the cooler months. Your skin treatment therapist can guide you no matter what stage of your skin journey you are in. This might mean starting with the right skincare routine before adopting masks as an add on feature or prescribing you the right mask if your skin is ready.

So, what are the best masks this winter you should be using at-home?


This month we are going to be sharing with you an absolute favourite product of ours, the epi nouvelle+ naturelle masks. Why? Apart from the endless benefits to skin health, they are so easy and effective to incorporate into your at-home skincare routine this winter.

epi nouvelle+ naturelle masks have been created using only two natural ingredients, including a renewable biopolymer of 100% pure cellulose and water. Easy to apply, the soft and flexible surface follows the facial outlines like a second skin. The effects are immediate, cooling and soothing for your skin. Suitable for not only supporting your skin during the winter months to calm irritated skin, but the masks can also be used for the treatment of various dermatological conditions. The best part is the products all work with the principles of Corneotherapy. Ticking off all the key points when looking for the right mask!

Earlier this year Jamie-Lee Burns spoke about her experience with the epi nouvelle+ naturelle products,

‘In addition to my skincare regulars – the DMS Cleansing Milk, Süüsmoon Lotion N, EGCG Liposomes Intense Renewal Serum, and Base Gel – as part of my routine I’m using one of the dermaviduals EPI Eye Masks… What I love is how cooling it feels on my skin and is one of the benefits of using it alongside its soothing effect, especially for irritated skin. It’s 100% vegan, and so gentle that it’s ideal for barrier disordered skin, and if you want a real treat for your complexion, there’s also a full-face mask option!’


Check out Jamie’s Instagram page for more, including videos on how to use the products.

Special Note

Like all derma aesthetics products, you can find epi nouvelle+ naturelle masks only in-clinic as we want to ensure you have the correct products prescribed for your skin. Just head over to our Clinic Finder if you would like to chat to your closest skin treatment therapist to learn more.

BEAUTY TIP: Double down on your routine with at-home microneedling!


dermaviduals MTS-Rollers
You may have seen or used our incredible MTS-Rollers, which come with ISO9001 quality accreditation. Meaning, that they have the highest level of quality and control standards, which is what you want in an at-home micro needling device. There are no imitations here.

If you are new to home rolling, the concept is to generate new collagen production. Skin has the natural ability to heal itself after the creation of precise micro-channels, which is a result of the skin regenerating. Performing home rolling on a regular basis ensures that you are continually building new collagen to thicken the dermis.

For an added boost to your skincare routine this winter you may want to consider at-home microneedling. This works brilliantly with the epi nouvelle+ naturelle masks that help to cool and soothe your skin for post treatment care.

Later in the month, Kai Atkinson will be sharing an educational blog piece talking about the benefits of home rolling and how to do this safely, so make sure to key an eye out! In the meantime, if you have any questions about this treatment, please leave a comment or reach out to your skin treatment therapist for more information.

For the month of July our clinics are running offers on the MTS-Rollers and Epi Nouvelle+ Naturelle products! To locate your closest dermaviduals clinic and learn what specials are available, check out the Clinic Finder here.


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