Educational Series: Making the most of your MTS Roller

by | 30 July 2023

Once only available in the clinic setting, today, skin needling is more accessible than ever!

Used to address a wide variety of skincare concerns including loss of structural integrity, pigmentation, acne scaring and uneven skin texture. Skin needling is a treatment modality that creates fine micro channels in the epidermis and dermis, resulting in the stimulation of chemical messengers designed to promote optimum skin health and function.

‘Home rolling’ systems have been designed to provide that ‘in-clinic’ result without the downtime. Let’s explore the MTS Rolling System is the superior choice and exactly how you can incorporate this treatment into your home care routine for maximum results.

MTS at home skin needling


How it’s made

Created with a durable polycarbonate resin, Lexan® and a polished stainless steel axle, the MTS Rollers go through a patented manufacturing process ensuring that the 200 fine needles are held firmly in place to provide an efficacious and safe treatment.  

Safety for the consumer is paramount as not all rollers are created equally! Each component of the MTS Roller are produced in quality-controlled manufacturing facilities and registered with the FDA as a Type 1 supplementary medical instrument, ensuring that you are working with the best.  

The benefits

Minimally invasive yet incredibly powerful, regular at-home skin needling can support the treatment of many skin conditions while improving the overall health and function of the skin. The benefits of working with the MTS Rolling System include:   

  • The natural stimulation of collagen production 
  • Working with a modality that does not cause unnecessary damage to the epidermis 
  • No risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIHP)  
  • Is suitable for all skin types 

Working within the layers of the epidermis means that we can target cells such as:  

  • Keratinocytes – which make up the majority of cells in the epidermis 
  • Melanocytes – which produce melanin designed to provide the skin natural protection and our unique colouring 
  • Langerhans cells – which are responsible for skin immunity and providing protection for the entire epidermis.  

In addition to affecting skin cells, microneedling also influences the release of chemical messengers such as growth factors and cytokines which play a role in the skin’s healing process. Targeting each of these cells through the use of an MTS Roller will promote skin cell proliferation and differentiation, regulate the formation of melanin, and support the immunological strength of the skin while improving skin texture and overall appearance.  



How to prepare your skin for at-home rolling

The inclusion of the MTS Roller into your home care routine may be suggested after consultation with your Skin Treatment Therapist. It is our recommendation that the skin is prepped with the correct cosmetic chemistry in the lead-up, which will ensure the best outcome for you and your skin.  

Introducing home rolling is not a race, it’s a journey and if you take the right steps, your skin will thank you! To achieve superior results with the MTS Roller, we recommend that the skin is prepared (on a daily basis) using a selection of skincare formulations designed for the individual skin and its needs.  

The following is an example prescription of home care formulations that will prepare the skin while supporting overall skin health: 

Home care (Week 1 to 4)

  • dermaviduals cleanser – Your cleanser will be prescribed based on your skin type (oily, lipid-dry, diffused red) and is the first step in promoting skin health. Use your cleanser as recommended by your Skin Treatment Therapist to remove debris, oils and dirt from the skin surface. 
  • Treatment Tonic/Lotion – dermaviduals Treatment Tonics and Lotions are not like a regular ‘toner’! They are jam-packed with beneficial skincare ingredients that will support hydration and barrier alignment while allowing for deeper penetration of additional active ingredients. 
  • DMS Base Cream – Your DMS Base Cream or Gel will be selected for your skin type and will provide nourishment and support repair of the skin barrier. 
  • Suncream – It goes without saying, that suncream is a must EVERY day! Ensure that you are applying the correct amount and replying after sweating or swimming. 

Home care (Week 5 – 6)

  • Custom Serum – The introduction of a custom serum containing ingredients to further support the skin and its condition, will be recommended and will further prepare the skin for the introduction of the MTS Roller. Your serum should include all of the actives suited to your skin along with Zinc Liposome Serum to support collagen production and wound healing, Vitamin B Concentrate to support ceramide production and Vitamins A, C and E to further support skin health and resiliency.  

Home care (Weeks 7 – 8)

So, why not incorporate the MTS Roller into your home care routine? You can boost the effects of your in-clinic treatments while supporting skin health and function!  

Chat to your local dermaviduals Skin Treatment Therapist who will be able to support you with further education on the MTS Roller and how you and your skin can benefit. Find your nearest clinic. 

Written by Lisa Paone, Head of Education at derma aesthetics