Elysium Face & Body Treatments is our Clinic of the Month for December 2016!

by | 1 December 2016

Elysium Face & Body Treatments is small, boutique clinic nestled in Caves Beach, on the mid north coast of NSW, about 30 minutes south of Newcastle. Owner and head skin therapist, Julie-Anne Sanotti, chatted to us about their beach based skin retreat. “Elysium has evolved from a beauty salon to a serious skin treatment clinic with a focus on high quality skincare and treatments. Our clinic is 100 metres away from the beach and my full-time skin therapist, Rebecca, and I see an array of varied skin conditions. We don’t compromise on relaxation whilst providing our clients with the best service, advice and skin care.” With their unwavering commitment to ongoing education, Julie-Anne and Rebecca are able to pass this knowledge onto their clients and provide unsurpassed service to their local community. “We utilise derma CIT, LED, MTS-Rollers, dermaviduals and lots of TLC to ensure our clients have the best skin health possible!”




“After 20 years of nursing, I completed my Diploma in Beauty Therapy 4 years ago and I am so excited to go to my clinic every day, as I am able to help my clients with their skin concerns. The ongoing education I receive from Pastiche, and Derma Aesthetics inspires me continually. I truly believe that the more education and skills you update yourself with, the more confident you will be in your own ability to give amazing help to people, but you need to be passionate about it.”




What do you value most in your business? “My clients, as if it was not for them I would not be here. I would also have to say my staff; I have one staff member, Rebecca, and she is an amazing therapist. She is dedicated to education and the values of first class service for our clients. She is trustworthy and an amazing cornetherapist!”




“It took me 9 months to decide to go with dermavidals, but when I did, there has been no turning back! dermaviduals has enabled me to educate myself and Rebecca in a way I didn’t know was possible and they provide my business with amazing support. They introduced me to Pastiche education and provide opportunities to combine travel and learning with skin symposiums in Europe. These factors have enabled my clinic to be of the highest quality and really set us apart from other beauty salons.”




What is your favorate dermaviduals product and why? “Wow, how can you choose one corneotheraputic product?! It’s too hard! I think if a client came into Elysium and could only afford 1 product to start off with, I would have to recommend the Cleansing Milk with DMS, as the composition is similar to the DMS base creams, which means it is so gentle it can be used as a moisturiser as well as cleanser.”




“My number one skincare tip would have to be to never leave home without sunscreen! Also a corneotherapeutic, bespoke skincare regime will undoubtably get your skin to the healthiest it has ever been”.




“I love all things skin, especially educating myself and incorporating everything I have learnt in the past 4 years! Whilst I am only relatively new to this industry, a lot of reps come in to my clinic, to try and sell their beauty based products and technology. If you educate yourself and stay up to date, it does not take long to weed out the good form the bad and to be comfortable with your gut feeling. I like to stay informed by reading journals, attending conferences, networking and meeting & speaking with like-minded colleagues & good mentors. I was lucky enough to attend the International Corneotherapy Symposium earlier this year in Germany and meet the amazing Dr Hans Lautenschläger (creator of dermaviduals) plus inspirational and knowledgeable people from all over the world. The exceptional lectures provided me with a new level of confidence in cultivating good skin health and educating my clients to the best of my ability. I am proud to be able to combine CIT, LED, dermaviduals and home rolling to create a bespoke skin treatment plan for amazing outcomes for my clients.”




To find out more about Elysium Face & Body Treatments find them on Facebook and Instagram.