Clinic of the Month | Em’s Skin Boutique

by | 1 September 2020

Tell us about your clinic, staff and local area.

Our clinic is a colourful oasis located near the beach just outside Frankston on the Mornington Peninsula. It was built with sheer passion & determination. Our creator Em has had a really big dream to create a space that is a complete safe haven for girls to come and feel truly relaxed and at home.

Our vision is to help clients improve not only their skin concerns but their overall well being. ‘The skin is a site of response, it is the window into what is happening inside our body as a whole. When there is a chronic skin condition present it’s a symptom to an imbalance within the body. This is why we treat the skin with a holistic approach.

Each of our 3 team members believe in our vision and each provide their own unique set of skills & abilities to our clients treatment programs including years of working with the skin & success treating skin conditions, naturopathy, trained in functional medicine testing such as hormonal, Digestive and food intolerance tests.

We keep up to date with all of the latest research, we do anything we can to help advance our skills whether it’s signing up to the latest new course, to staying up all hours of the night reading the latest research papers, blog posts and podcasts.



Favourite dermaviduals product & why?

It’s hard to pick just one, because there are so many amazing corrective products to choose from. My favourite would have to be a personalized custom serum. We can pick from over 40 different ingredients & blend them together to create the ultimate potion for any skin type or condition.

Your top 3 tips for beauty professionals wanting to go into business!

Collaborating with local businesses that support heath & wellness industries will help accredit & grow your business & brand.

Make sure to do your research & test the brands you endorse in your clinic & when you find them, make sure to stick with them. Change is always good, but you don’t need to fix something that isn’t broken. So if your brands are working for your clients & business stick with them.

Stay in your own lane, everyone is on a different path & journey. Your uniqueness & genuinity will attract the clients you want. Don’t focus on what other businesses around you are doing. Believe in your business!



What set’s our clinic apart?

At Em’s Skin Boutique our owner has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and some of the symptoms she has had to deal with due to having this condition is Acne, peri-oral dermatitis, ringworms and other skin rashes throughout her life and understands the challenges that clients can have with trying to treat skin conditions like this & the importance of finding the right person who can understand what you are going through & give you the advice & guidance that you need. When these conditions are present within the body it has to be looked at and treated holistically. This is why we provide a wide range of topical facial treatments such as LED Light Therapy & enzyme therapy as well as other holistic treatments such as near infra red sauna, naturopathy & functional medicine testing options such as hormonal, Digestive and food intolerance testing to help support our clients.

What is your ‘Personal Mantra’?

“You have the ability to make a difference”

Just listening to someone & giving them comfort in a time of need can make a difference to that person’s mental & emotional health.

We follow this mantra and include it in part of our client’s programs because we believe it to be a big part in our success with treating clients holistically.

How has technology helped your clinic?

Being a clinic located on a small strip of local shops we don’t have a lot of walking traffic come by. We have taken advantage of the FREE social media platforms such as Instagram to connect & share our clinics brand & results to past, present & future clients. It has been a huge part in helping our business grow!

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