FAQ’s: You need to know!

by | 21 August 2020

1. Do you sell your products online, or can you only buy in one of your clinics?

Thank you for contacting us about ordering dermaviduals. Being a prescriptive range, dermaviduals is not sold online, we advise that you visit a dermaviduals stockist where a dermaviduals skin expert can conduct a thorough skin consultation and analysis to determine a bespoke solution for your individual skin. Please feel free to use our online clinic finder to locate your closest dermaviduals clinic.

2. I would like to know if your product or any ingredients are tested on animals.

Thank you for contacting us about our testing of products. We do not and never will test on animals. We pride ourselves on this and supporting products free from animal cruelty. For more information on our products and testing, please visit www.dermaviduals.com.

3. Is the micro-biome mask our epi-nouvelle mask?


4. All dermaviduals products are safe to use during pregnancy, right?

Yes, except Pluto Fluid serum.

5. Are our products natural?

Our plant based ingredients are sourced where possible, from pesticide free farms and manufactured using the highest standards in an aseptic laboratory. By no means do we claim to be organic however we use the purest form of each ingredient, all of which hold physiological properties and benefits to always work with restoring and repairing the skin barrier. dermaviduals is formulated free from preservatives, colours, fragrance, silicones, mineral oils and emulsifiers making it one of the cleanest product ranges available.

6. If I have normal, problem free skin, why should I use dermaviduals?

Every skin type, with or without “problems” can benefit from using dermaviduals. dermaviduals is an excellent choice for both maintenance of healthy skin & prevention of skin barrier disorders as well as problematic & more demanding skin conditions

7. I am a Practice Manager of a Medical Centre / Beauty Salon and am wanting to know if a skin penetration license is required for skin needling? Our GP has a current license but our Beauty Rooms come under Shop 1b as previously was subdivided. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. 

I would recommend she contact her council. Each council has different restrictions and rules in place so always best to check with them. NSW doesn’t need a skin penetration licence.

8. I would like to know if you use nano zinc in your sun cream before I purchase it?

The answer is NO we do not have nano zinc in our dermaviduals suncreams. If you would like to know where you can purchase our dermaviduals products, please use our clinic finder to locate your nearest stockist.

9. Can you please let me know where I can buy the derma roller? I had a dermaviduals facial treatment and found it beneficial.

The salon where you received your treatment should sell our MTS Rollers – You can also view our online clinic finder for your closest salon that sells our MTS Rollers.

10. I just purchased the zinc serum today and noticed it is close to its expiry date. Is this still ok?

Our ‘expiry dates’ are in place from our German manufacturer, and are a guide, more of a ‘best before’ rather than an expiry. By law they need to put it on but it does not lose its efficacy or treatment after this date. Still safe to use.


Want to know more, just ask us below, or for specific product enquiries, contact your local clinic, found HERE in our clinic finder.