Finding the right concealer

by | 16 March 2023

When you start out on your journey to skin healing, the road isn’t always straight and smooth. Sometimes it’s bumpy, blotchy, pigmented and scattered with diffused redness.

Perhaps you’ve spent many years covering the ‘skin things that steal your confidence’ and you’ve decided that it’s now time to work with a Corneotherapist to correct or improve the skin conditions you’ve been concealing.

Great skincare can quite quickly create textural improvements and help with creating a smooth skin surface, a great sign that you are headed in the right direction! But often along our skin treatment journey (depending on the level of damage) or the concerns in our skin, we can still struggle with spots, discolouration and uneven skin tones that steal our confidence.

cover and conceal


While you’re working on these longer-term goals with your corneotherapist to continue this deeper skin correction, having a great concealer to camouflage is what can give you the extra confidence to stay the course.  

Whether it be acne, vascular scarring, pigmentation or redness that take a little longer to see results, having a skin friendly colour correcting product that integrates seamlessly with your skincare routine is the perfect way to step out each day with your head held high.

The dermaviduals deco Cover and Conceal is an olive green mineral pigment stick intended to neutralise redness and conceal imperfections. Bisabolol, the main active agent of camomile, reduces inflammation whilst zinc oxide offers antiseptic properties.

Apply to reddened areas of the skin or blemishes prior to the application of your bespoke dermaviduals foundation.


deco concealer and bespoke foundation

Don’t let makeup ruin your skincare routine

Not all ingredients in makeup products support a skin healing journey.

Perhaps prior to meeting your Corneotherapist, you had a makeup kit full of products that covered and concealed your underlying concerns. But it is important to make sure your makeup and colour products are also not adding to the woes of your skin!

You may have overhauled your skincare products and you’re seeing the changes in your skin, but if you’re applying makeup products with ingredients that are counter-productive to skin health, you could be undermining your skin’s progress resulting in one step forward, two steps back…

This is why when your Corneotherapist collaborates with you, they will spend a bit more time understanding everything you are applying to your skin. We want to make sure that every part of your skin treatment plan is synergistic and harmoniously working towards the same goal. 

This includes your makeup products.


Introducing dermaviduals Cover & Conceal

Designed for its skin supportive and healing properties it is a concealer and treatment product in one. But this green stick concealer is not your average concealer.

It is designed to give you camouflage from reddish undertones, great when seeking coverage for vascular acne scarring, capillaries, and redness.

Formulated to not congest, irritate, or inflame compromised skin, this entire product is built around being skin safe whilst also playing a role in your skins healing journey. 

With Zinc Oxide added for its antiseptic properties, chamomile to calm and soothe, and Vitamin C and E to provide antioxidant support, you can have confidence that not only will it give you the coverage to feel more confident, you’ve got all the added benefits of it going to work for you whilst you go on with your day. 

Knowing that your makeup products are part of the solution, instead of a potential cause adds a whole new level of confidence to your skin treatment journey. Make up now becomes guilt free, knowing that you are working with your skin plan and not against it, every time you apply your concealer and foundation.

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Written by Robyn McAlpine