Get to Know La Bella Medispa, Our August 2017 Clinic of the Month!

by | 2 August 2017

La Bella Medispa is a full-service skin, laser, brow & beauty clinic located in Parkes NSW, which is famous for the Elvis Festival, The Dish and of course La Bella Medispa! With a team of nine, owner Rebecca Miller and new business partner, Jess Galvin, continue to bring the La Bella Wow to their clients in Parkes, Forbes and the surrounding areas. The La Bella brand is going from strength to strength. They have just been announced as finalists in 2017 Australian Beauty Industry Awards, they are in the top 5 Frog Clinics across Australia and New Zealand, they’ve recently launched the highly anticipated Skin Whisperer Facebook page, they run a very successful 90 Day Skin Fitness Program To Love the Skin You’re In and they are about to launch their third clinic in Canberra, ACT in September.


Rebecca and Jess somehow found some time to chat with us about all things skin and the famous La Bella Wow. “At La Bella Medispa, we make your visit unforgettable. We deliver exceptional service and outstanding products to exceed your expectations and keep you coming back for more. We pride ourselves on empowering you and most importantly, educating you at the highest level. We promise to constantly better our skills through training and advanced education to ensure you leave ALWAYS loving the skin you’re in”.



What keeps you inspired professionally? 

“Following our purpose of empowering women to feel confident and educate them to love the skin they’re in always keeps us inspired. We aim to deliver the best customer service, care & knowledge possible to our amazing clients and to always deliver exceptional results. We also focus on providing inspiration to our team to achieve at a higher level both personally and professionally.



What do you value most in your business? 

“Three things are definitely standouts for what we value most in our business. One: our talented team. They are passionate and committed women who continually inspire us with their dedication to our business purpose, aligned values and a clear vision to achieve the unthinkable. Two: our culture. Put simply, we are family. And three: our clients. They choose us for their skin & beauty needs and continuously support us week in and week out.”



How has dermaviduals assisted your business? 

“The partnership we have formed with you since 2010 is amazing. Not only do we have the very best corneotherapeutic skincare product in the world, delivering results and a customised approach to skin care & health. Every day we are backed by continual education and support to develop our team into highly educated, sought after skin therapists. Without this support, we wouldn’t have grown from the start up team of 3 to 17 therapists and soon to be 3 locations. Phone support, promotion days, Skype training, therapist incentives and the IAC Conference are all areas off support dermaviduals provide to our team.”



What are your favourite dermaviduals products? 

Rebecca: “How can I choose just one product from this amazing range? If I had to choose just one, it would have to be Lotion N. This lightweight lotion is a skin lifesaver out here in the country where we see so many inflamed, compromised and EFA deficient skins. Rich in Phosphatidylcholine and Linoleic Acid, this lotion is a game changer in my clients’ skin care regimes.”

Jess “If I had to choose one, it would be DMS Base Cream High Classic. It’s not every day you are able to apply a physiologically compatible moisturiser to the skin, knowing you are adding nothing but pure goodness while repairing the barrier layer at the same time. Add some serums and this customised cream is unbeatable!”



Number one skin care tip to share?

Rebecca: “My number one skin tip would have to be to get to know your ingredients in your skincare & personal care products and the effects they have on the skin. Most people have no idea what is in their products and the danger these ingredients can be cause the skin. Avoid fads and trends when it comes to your skin care. After 23 years in this ever-changing industry, I’ve seen all the fads come and go. We don’t buy into the fads at La Bella, for us, it must be results driven & scientifically proven.”

Jess: “There’s so much more to the skin than meets the eye; we need to look at the body holistically. Remember, your cells can only produce as well as they are fed, combine this with Corneotherapy and you’re on your way to a truly healthy functioning skin”.



For more information about La Bella Medispa, visit their website, or follow them on Facebook & Instagram. You can also follow The Skin Whisperer’s on Facebook & Instagram.