Getting to Know Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic!

by | 1 June 2018

Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic (MALC) is our Clinic of the Month for June 2018 and has been established for 33 years. They specialise in laser, skin and injectables treatments. They are an official stockist of the dermaviduals range and use it in our treatments and for their clients’ home care. Owner, Fadia, recently caught us with us to chat all things skin. “We have two clinics, which allows us to see clients from a range of backgrounds. South Melbourne has a very urban feel with city views and a bustling clientele, while Bundoora is more suburban, allowing for a more relaxed pace. We have found that the dermaviduals range has been extremely popular in both locations, with many clients travelling specifically to us to purchase these products.”



I think I was born with a passion for skin! I love working with clients to make their skin look better and feel better. I have found that by enhancing their complexion, this also boosts their self-esteem. Working in a profession that I really enjoy is enough in itself to keep me inspired! I do also attend regular training and courses to make sure I am always up to date with industry trends and at the forefront of the latest developments.”



“My personal mantra is believe in what you do and do only what you believe. I always work in a way that is based on principles of honesty, dignity and pride. This has definitely led me to be successful in my business and helped me to build a loyal, lasting clientele.”



“Using natural therapies and ingredients has definitely attributed to the growth of our business and dermaviduals encompasses that. We also have a large variety of clientele and needed products that are versatile and can be used for a range of conditions. dermaviduals lets us customise their range, making it even easier to find the perfect regime for our clients.”



“I love the Cleansing Milk with DMS. It can be used as a cleanser, as a moisturiser as well as healing for burns. It really is a great all-rounder that is suitable for nearly all skin types. I also love Lotion N for its healing properties and use it all the time in the treatment room.”



“My number one skincare tip is to make sure you have a skincare routine and stick to it. This includes never going to bed with your makeup on, always cleansing morning and evening and following with a moisturiser and SPF.”



“Our attention to the customer and their wants/needs would be our first point of difference. Our staff have been in the industry for many years and we pride ourselves on encouraging loyalty to our clinic. This has meant that we often see a generational flow on – grandmothers, mothers and children have come to us and we feel confident in treating them (regardless of their age or concerns). Our second point of difference would be our knowledge; our skin therapists and cosmetic nurses continually seek out the best training meaning we are always can perform our treatments to the highest standards. We also choose to offer a wide range of medical grade procedures, allowing us to achieve the best possible results in a comfortable environment. At MALC, we want our clients to feel comfortable, valued and that they are receiving the highest quality services available.”



To find out more about MALC, check out their website or follow them on Facebook & Instagram.