House of Maxx is our Clinic of the Month for May 2016!

by | 2 May 2016

House of Maxx is a boutique skin clinic, that combines luxury, relaxation & a personalised health experience for each customer. It is located on the beautiful High street in Armadale, surrounded by gourmet foods and bridal boutiques. They offer their clients a new concept, combining internal gut health with Corneotherapy. Makayla, co-owner of House of Maxx, explains “by combining internal gut health and Corneotherapy we are really able to heal the skin from the inside out and provide a personalised & thorough treatment plan”. Their team of 3 comprises of experienced Corneotherapists, Makayla and Allena, who provide you with all of your external skin needs & beauty treatments and Jenny, our Health and Nutrition Advisor, to target any internal imbalances that may be contributing to skin conditions such as eczema and acne.”




Makayla’s own skin & health journey was the driving force behind her and mother, Jenny, opening House of Maxx. By the age of eight, House of Maxx owner, Makayla, was already cooking her own food and putting together her own beauty products. She suffered from a number of allergies and due to her age was unable to undergo a medical path for treatment. Her and her mother realised that the approach to health and skin needed to be holistic, and that how people treated their bodies affected their skin. They learnt how to tackle the allergies through diet and by the age of 19, Makayla had bettered her health and was able to live a normal, functional life without illness.




dermaviduals has fit into our concept perfectly as it allows us to completely customise our clients skincare to fit into the needs of their skin instead of the other way around. We have found that we attract a lot of clients suffering from Acne Tarda and Rosacea as these are two very specific skin concerns that dermaviduals has been able to treat.”




What keeps you inspired professionally? “It truly is a simple answer to this question. We are inspired daily by the results we are seeing within our clients and the confidence they are gaining. It is why we do what we do”.


house of maxx waiting area


What do you value the most in your business? “Without the amazing people around me, House of Maxx wouldn’t be what we are. I am truly greatful to have Jenny as my business partner and Allena as the amazing therapist she is.”


What is your favourite dermaviduals product and why? “Hmmm this is a hard one, I would have to say the deco makeup range (Not technically 1 product!). I didn’t realise the power that deco had until one day I ran out and went back to the old foundation I had sitting in the cupboard. Within 24 hours my skin was dry, fine lines were appearing, my skin was peeling and I just couldn’t wait to go home and wash my face! I obviously went back onto deco immediately and the issue was corrected by 24 hours.”




Number one skin care tip? “Besides following a diet that is correct for you, I would have to say it’s to DOUBLE CLEANSE. Women are not cleansing their makeup off properly, and this has become apparent when we have our first client on the day who comes in ‘with nothing on’ but we are still washing makeup off from the last day. Use Total Cleansing Cream as your first cleanse to wash away makeup and then your appropriate prescribed cleanser to thoroughly cleanse and treat your skin.”


Makayla finds out about what’s new in the industry through girlfriends who work as therapists or via social media. “I have to confess I am a bit of a mystery shopper. When I hear ‘what’s new’ I will make an appointment and go and try it out. So far I haven’t found anything besides dermaviduals, Collagen Induction Therapy and LED that I want to use in the salon.”


The team at House of Maxx absolutely love their clients! “We recognise that without our clients we wouldn’t have a business, and ALL of us develop really close relationships which is why we reward them in any way we can. We send our clients birthday vouchers, referral vouchers, VIP night invitations and have a loyalty program that entitles them to complimentary treatments.


VIP Night


One of our biggest and most influential clients is Rebecca Lomas from @strongisthenewskinny94. Bec had struggled with her skin for quite a while and has let people into her life and journey through social media. I saw that Bec would be down in Melbourne for a few days and invited her in so we could help n anyway we could. She has been overwhelmed with the results and has reached so many girls facing the same issue.”


VIP Night House of Maxx


Speaking of social media… “With Instagram being a giant in the marketing world now, there is A LOT of paid advertising and it is hard to know when your favourite model or Instagram personality really LOVES that product or is just being paid. We have never and will never offer money in exchange for social media posts.”

House of Maxx’s clientele includes the likes of –

Ashleigh Reinboth @ashaslittlesecret

Ruby Chooseday @rubychooseday

Stacey + Bed from @saltmelbourne

Rebecca Lomas @strongisthenewskinny94

Bianca @biancamelbourne

Lady Melbourne @ladymelbourne

Ella + Andie from @snobfashionblog

Jessica @closet_affairs_melbourne

Eliza Crowder @elizacrowder_


House of Maxx are also proud sponsors of Australian Academy of Modelling.

Click below to hear Makayla talk about about internal gut health & external skin health.

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