How Emma Got That Wedding Glow

by | 19 October 2018

When a dermaviduals Sales Manager accepts a diamond ring, you know she is going to up her skincare game in the lead up to her big day!



Our gorgeous Emma married the love of her life, Pat in a beautiful beach ceremony in Thailand earlier this year and her glow was enviable. I mean check out this picture with only eye makeup on – there aren’t enough heart-eye emojis!



Emma credits her flawless wedding skin to regular skin treatments. “Every 3 weeks, I had a dermaviduals facial treatment which included an Enzyme Treatment Mask and a Bespoke Terra Sana Mask. Previously, I had a treatment every 2- 3 months, but during my engagement I committed to a new customised treatment plan which I really saw results from! The Enzyme Treatment Mask left my skin feeling soft and refreshed, while the Bespoke Terra Sana Mask nourished my skin and gave it essential nutrients. The Terra Sana Mask was tailored each facial treatment, depending on how my skin was feeling and what it needed. It was different almost every time, which is the beauty of dermaviduals!”



Our Enzyme Treatment Mask is created with natural enzymes found in pineapple & papaya and can be used on most skin types regardless of skin condition. Pineapple and papaya enzymes work superficially to loosen and remove debris and increase the penetration of actives applied post enzymes. Besides exfoliating while not damaging your skin barrier, it also refines pores, clarifies & evens skin tone, actively dissolves & prevents comedones, milia & pustules and is anti-inflammatory.

Our Terra Sana Mask leaves skin looking clearer, feeling softer and overall more hydrated and nourished. Terra Sana is a pure and natural clay consisting of the silicates kaolin and montmorillonite (clay minerals) as well as portions of quartz, mica, limonite and other minerals. For centuries, clay has been used for its healing properties. Combine this with our huge range of active serums and you’re in bespoke mask heaven! Clay provides an impressive assortment of mineral ions, including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, sodium and silica. When we customise the Terra Sana Mask with actives, these are integrated and released into the skin together with the clay’s minerals.

A bespoke dermaviduals facial treatment is a must before a big event – nothing beats the radiance of healthy skin! To see some serious changes, like Emma, talk to your dermaviduals skin treatment therapist about tailored treatment plan to smash your skin goals!