How We’re Looking After Our Planet

by | 17 May 2019

At dermaviduals, we feel that it’s vital to do our part in protecting our planet. The cosmetics industry is notorious for packaging & waste and we are constantly trying to decrease our environmental footprint. We believe that every little bit counts and that we can always do more. We find that it’s a helpful exercise to quantify what we’re doing to plan for the future and aim to do better.


dermaviduals KOKO (our manufacturer in Germany), as part of their The Green Dot membership, pays fees for the recycling of packaging materials such as containers (glass, plastic, boxes), shipping cartons, packing materials and carrier bags. The Green Dot, as explained on their website “is one of the most widely used recycling symbols on packaging. Its usage means that the producer of the packaging has contributed to the end recovery of packaging. The Green Dot is not in itself a recycling symbol nor does it mean that the packaging material on which it is marked is either recycled or made using recyclable content. It is more a mark of the producer’s environmental responsibility and contribution to recycling.” We’re proud that our packaging is recyclable though!

In addition to this:

  • Our products have no outer plastic wrap, avoiding excess packaging waste.
  • Our products have never contained plastic microbeads.
  • Our ingredients come from a sustainable source.
  • Our products have never been tested on animals.
  • Our packaging is recyclable.
  • As your products can be customised with ingredients tailored for your individual skin, you don’t need to take home many products when just a few products can do the same job. By choosing a bespoke skincare line, you’re helping to reduce packaging!


Over the last few years, we’ve been making major changes to our warehouse processes after we identified this was an area we could improve in:

  • Our boxes come from a sustainable source, where no trees have been illegally harvested.
  • Our boxes are eco-friendly and are recyclable.
  • Our packages are sent with corn starch nuggets, which are 100% compostable and biodegradable with no disposal costs. They are also easy to handle due to being non-static, which reduces labour time.
  • Our boxes are stamped with eco-friendly ink to reduce the use of stickers where possible.
  • We are currently trialling recycled cardboard bubble wrap as an alternative to the plastic bubble wrap that is readily available.



In our offices:

  • We shred paper documents and use in compost.
  • Our printer toner is eco-friendly and cartridges are collected for recycling.
  • Cardboard waste is taken to local schools and day care centres for art projects.
  • We send out monthly invoices and reminders via email.
  • We purchase recycled printer paper.
  • If we don’t need to print, we don’t.
  • If we do need to print, we utilise double-sided printing or scrap paper for internal use.
  • The majority of our staff are local, meaning a short commute and less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We provide the opportunity for flexible hours, where relevant, to again reduce commuting time.
  • We also have a large number of our team that work remotely, to avoid the commute altogether.


We’d love to know what practices you’ve implemented in your home or office. We’re always looking for more ways for our practices to be more environmentally friendly! Let us know in the comments below.