Our International dermaviduals Symposium Wrap Up

by | 7 February 2018

2018 has kicked off with a huge bang at our International dermaviduals Symposium hosted in Sydney recently.


Over 120 dermaviduals partners from Australia and New Zealand gathered over the holiday period for our inaugural event. These partners had the delight of meeting the founder of dermaviduals, Dr Hans Lautenschläger, as well as dermaviduals distributors from more than 10 different countries that gave us perspective of dermaviduals on a global stage.

At derma aesthetics, it’s always been our dream to give everyone with whom we collaborate as many opportunities as possible to educate, inspire and learn from one other, and feedback from those that attended is that we surpassed all expectations in this area.

Our thirst for learning is one of our core values and this opportunity saw the start of us collectively thinking bigger, smarter, faster and more effectively.



Our first lecture by Costhetics & Queen of Social updated us on social media and digital marketing patterns and all things focusing on growing your business. The fascinating insight into the drivers of Facebook and Instagram was engaging to say the least! But this was only a small delve into the world of marketing. In the few weeks post, we have seen many participants actively take steps to clarify their direction and harness the power of digital marketing. Adam certainly kept us entertained with his expertise and wit! If you haven’t already, make sure you like Queen of Social on Facebook and Instagram and know that if you need any help in this area, Adam and his team are here to help. Fascinating to note that an analysis of our client base has indicated that 81% of you have a website, 90% use Facebook but only 35% use Instagram.


We were then treated to some collaborative exercises by Simon & Mark from Frog Coaching. Simon and Mark are well known throughout our industry for enhancing business performance and we came away with some solid ideas on how to create boundaries between work and home, as well processes to put in place to empower you as business owners to get master your to-do list! Clearly, they highlighted the value of how talking to a qualified business coach can be more constructive to the business than internalising. For further information, visit frogcoaching.com.


The day closed with personal learning journeys told by two of our inspiring partners Rebecca Miller (La Bella Medispa) and Robyn McAlpine (Skintifix). Like many of you, these ladies have built successful businesses from scratch. They inspired us with their personal learning stories related to business building. Their honesty, grit and insights into their businesses were warmly shared and we hope that their journey gave you valuable insights and more consciousness around the fact that these success stories have been humbled by fear, failures and reality checks to enable them to kick their goals.


Dr Hans Lautenschläger then summarised the importance of Corneotherapy in all dermaviduals formulations, and gave us insights into what’s new for 2018. Watch this space there will be some exciting new products this year!


Our Clinic Awards Gala Night was one to remember! As we honoured your accomplishments, no detail was spared to bring to life a great party to celebrate success. The DJ had the night underway with some fabulous music as we acknowledged all our finalists and congratulated the winners and highly commended in each category. Meet all of our winners and highly commended here.


The night was certainly celebrated in style and the glitz & glamour of ‘shine bright like a diamond’, together with the fabulous band, ensured this event has its mark in our events calendar.



At our Gala Awards evening, Simone and I received a huge surprise ourselves when we were delighted to accept the dermaviduals award of Global Marketing Champion. Each dermaviduals distributor is responsible for their distribution territory marketing, with the advantage of ensuring the approach fits the localised market. Creativity, concepts, PR and campaigns were all assessed as part of the criteria. We were so thrilled to be the recipient for the second year running of this award. We welcomed awards for other distributors for growth and contribution from Taiwan, Finland and the USA.



The second day of our symposium commenced with a fascinating lecture from nutriceuticals expert, John Appleton. His lecture on genetics, DNA, and disease did not disappoint. The brilliant insights and expertise he shared were devoured by our group. I, for one, can’t wait to get my teeth into his recommended reading of Feed Your Genes Right by Jack Challem.


Rene Serbon proved to us that her many years studying and refining the Pastiche Method of skin analysis has created pure genius! Her presentation on melanogenis shed many a light bulb moment and helped us all in our understanding of why pigmentation is such a difficult treatment modality, but also how we can obtain great results with a corneotherapeutic approach in this field. Interesting fact: 10 to 20% of functioning melanocytes are lost every ten years from the age of 35 onward.


Hailed as skin guru to the stars, Jennifer Brodeur, then explained how light delivers energy to enhance cell to cell communication from LED and specifically, her Max+ device. She then inspired us with her entrepreneurial vision of how thinking differently can be a lifestyle. Simply by seeing challenges as opportunities, viewing mistakes as healthy, and knowing that big things are all made from small components helped us with perspective. Her slide quoting Kahil Gibran summed it up nicely ‘Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.’ Jennifer will be back in August to conduct an LED Masterclass. Email support@skincorrection.com.au to register your interest.


Morag Currin provided insights into the world of cancer, particularly psychological affects, and how as therapists we can adjust treatments to provide a service to people undergoing treatments. She followed this through by conducting her oncology aesthetics programme for interested therapists at the end of the week. Morag will be in New Zealand in March conducting her two-day programme and returns to Sydney in September, so reach out to us if you would like to register.


With so many skin experts under one roof how could we not provide an opportunity to have a panel to answer any question one could throw? Dr Hans Lautenschläger, Simone Vescio, Florence Barrett-Hill, Rene Serbon, John Appleton, Jennifer Brodeur and Morag Currin all actively participated in any queries our eager dermaviduals audience could throw at them. What an opportunity!


The harbour cruise capped off a fabulous few days and I know this is where we get our sense of belonging – our tribe. We were totally energised by the consolidation of new friendships, devouring delicious food (all whilst balancing a moderately windy day on Sydney Harbour!), and one on one time with most of our expert guest presenters. We are a community, and that’s a pretty beautiful thing and something which Simone and I are immensely proud of. Right now (timing couldn’t have been better) I’ve just spoken with one delegate whose comments were “this day was especially valuable when you work by yourself. It’s such a big boost to confidence; to speak to other like-minded therapists and be reminded that we often experience similar things.” Thanks Julie-Anne for your insights – we’re glad you had an amazing symposium! Judging by the survey responses, most of you feel the same way; we are honoured.



Thank you to all our wonderful partners that closed businesses or operated on skeleton staff, adjusted holidays and made the time to be with our derma family. Our entire staff very much enjoyed getting to know you. And if you couldn’t make it, you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss our next events! The 6th IAC Global Corneotherapy Symposium will commence around May 1st 2019 in Bonn, Germany. Stay tuned as further updates are provided!


Reika xx