Introducing Oleogel S: The Latest Star in our Oleogel Lineup

by | 7 March 2024

Within the domain at dermaviduals, Oleogels stand out as unique products in our skincare lineup, due to their unparalleled healing properties that deliver unique nourishment to the skin. Beyond their rejuvenating capabilities, these Oleogels play an indispensable role in preventive skincare.

Our Oleogel range has expanded over the years to include five distinctive formulations. Today, we shine the spotlight on the latest addition to the Oleogel family – Oleogel S.

Meet Oleogel S: Skincare with Phosphatidylserine

The magic of Oleogel S lies with its key ingredient, phosphatidylserine. Say it with us: “fos-fuh-tie-dil-seh-reen” (we know, it’s quite a mouthful!), Now that we’ve got the pronunciation down, let’s explore why phosphatidylserine is so special – this pivotal component holds extraordinary potential for your skin.

This crucial, yet often overlooked phospholipid boasts antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, creating a unique blend of benefits designed to address a spectrum of skincare concerns.

Wait, what’s a phospolipid?
In the context of skincare, phospholipids (like phosphatidylserine) play a vital role in fortifying the skin’s natural lipid barrier. By doing so, they enhance moisture retention, prevent water loss, and shield the skin from external irritants.

Oleogel S takes center stage with its phosphatidylserine enrichment. Here are some more reasons why we love this small but powerful product:

  • Comprehensive Skincare: Addressing a spectrum of concerns, Oleogel S is formulated for ageing, acne, erythema, and is a game-changer for atopic skin barrier disorders.
  • Wound Healing Support: Oleogel S supports platelet activation and increases blood-clotting factors, aiding in the healing of wounds.
  • Collagen Preservation: Inhibiting collagen degradation induced by UV radiation, Oleogel S contributes to maintaining skin structure and integrity.
  • Easy-Peasy Usage: Incorporating Oleogel S into your routine is a breeze. Apply as needed, and let the natural phosphatidylserine content do its magic. Quick absorption means you only need a minimal amount for maximum impact (we’re talking pea size amount!), making it a fuss-free addition to your skincare regimen.

How to incorporate the Oleogel S to your skincare routine

We recommend the following steps:

  1. Cleanseyour face and neck
  2. Spritz the skin with your customised Individual Lotion or Treatment Tonic
  3. Actives such your serum/s should be applied to your face
  4. Moisturiseyour face with your DMS Base Cream or Gel
  5. Repair the skin with your Oleogel S as needed
  6. Apply SPF to your face, neck, and décolleté for added protection

*Please note the above steps will fluctuate depending on the individual’s skin type.

The Oleogel Collection

The Oleogel family provides a diverse range of skincare solutions, each crafted to meet specific needs. Here’s your run down:

Oleogel Plus – Designed for extremely dehydrated skin, delivering both protective benefits and hydrating nourishment.

Oleogel N – Care of barrier disordered and atopic skin. Offers a calming and soothing solution, ideal for individuals with sensitive skin.

Oleogel K – Specially formulated for infants and children. Delivers intensive care and targeted nourishment for specific skincare concerns.

Oleogel R – For the care of reddened and irritated skin. Brings restorative properties to damaged skin, supporting renewal and recovery.

Oleogel S – Suitable for all skin types, addressing a range of concerns from ageing to atopic skin barrier disorders.

Finding the right Oleogel for you

Reach out to your dermaviduals Skin Treatment Therapist to discover the perfect Oleogel for your specific needs. Search our clinic finder to locate a Corneotherapist near you and embark on your personalised skincare journey!

Written by Jackie Mizzi