Is Oleogel Plus Our Most Versatile Product?

by | 22 February 2019

Oleogel Plus contains high quality oils that originate from plants brought together to nourish your skin. It penetrates very quickly due to their combination with natural membrane components. Around our Australian and New Zealand offices, it’s become renowned as a real MVP!

As soon as I asked Team Derma to send me some of its uses, the answers kept rolling in! Here’s a list of ways we’ve heard of this unassuming little tub of goodness being used…

  1. Nappy balm
  2. Cuticle treatment
  3. Callus treatment
  4. Lip balm
  5. Soothe irritated dog’s skin
  6. On a guinea pig’s reddened skin
  7. Face mask for flying
  8. Protection when snow skiing
  9. Base for lipstick
  10. Our Silver Ferns’ use it on sore/split athlete hands
  11. Cracked nipples
  12. Cradle cap
  13. On a chicken’s dry skin
  14. Dry elbows
  15. Prevention of contact dermatitis
  16. To improve skin elasticity
  17. Lube
  18. Cracked heels
  19. Shaving rash
  20. Softens scars post surgery
  21. Night cream
  22. Skincare for skins that can’t tolerate water
  23. Relief after diarrhoea
  24. Cracked nose when you’ve got a cold
  25. In pedicures
  26. Prevents trans-epidermal water loss
  27. Eyelash tinting – protect skin during
  28. Soothe a pet cow’s sunburn
  29. Protection from endogenously caused skin lesions
  30. On rashes
  31. As a massage medium
  32. A protection and treatment for an impaired barrier
  33. On chafe
  34. Additive to moisturisers
  35. After Collagen Induction Therapy
  36. Calms redness
  37. Cares for atopic skin
  38. Care of extremely dehydrated skin
  39. Eye care
  40. Perineal massage
  41. Protection against environmental damage
  42. As a hand mask


Some of these surprised even us! Tell us in the comments, what do you use Oleogel Plus for?