Jamele is Our Clinic of the Month for March 2017!

by | 1 March 2017

Jamele is located in a gorgeous part of New Zealand – the sunny and warm Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty. Owner, Shelley, took some time out of her busy schedule to tell us about Jamele’s history and the clinic today. “My mother, Pat Foster, purchased a very small, tired clinic in January 1986 with 2 treatment rooms. With her drive and perseverance, she gradually brought it back to life. She was ahead of her time with a holistic approach to skin care and dietary health, believing they were completely entwined, I then joined the clinic in 1990 and having been brought up with this philosophy, we continued to grow Jamele. Over the years we expanded twice to take over the next door businesses and grow the Jamele to 8 treatment rooms, a client lounge and a great retail space. My mother retired in 2001 but is still a very valuable source of knowledge and inspiration. I feel very fortunate to have a brilliant team of 11 girls behind me; they are always thirsty for more knowledge, and are looking to see how we can improve and move forward with our treatments and results.”


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“When I think about what inspires me, there are so many things. First and foremost are my clients; they are a constant source of inspiration and I love thinking about how I can improve the way I currently do things… ‘how can I improve this particular aspect of their skin for them?’ or ‘how can I make their life better by feeling better about how the look, and how their skin looks?’. Inspiration also comes from training; the more knowledge you have, the more you want to know. We are also incredibly lucky to have such a qualified group of educators in our profession to constantly move us forward.”




“I value my team around me, without the girls of Jamele there would be no Jamele. They all have different strengths and work effectively as a team supporting each other and myself in a very nurturing environment. The training that is available to us all is invaluable as without that we would not continue to grow and move forward with the latest information. I value all our clients – as without them new and our long-standing clients many of which have been with us for 31 years, we wouldn’t exist.”


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“dermaviduals has been an amazing product to add to the Jamele repertoire, it is completely unique in the way you can customise the product to our clients’ exact needs. It completely fits with our philosophy of nurturing and protecting the skin and maintaining the barrier of the skin at all times.  It has added a new element to Jamele by being able to customise for the individual.”




“My favorite product would have to be the Suusmoon Lotion N. I see the most amazing effects on the skin when I have a client using it and it is also my own personal fav!”


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“If I could share two skin care tips, it would be to always use an eye cream or gel (it’s a no brainer really!) and to start a regular skincare regime with quality skincare young. Prevention, prevention, prevention! It really is the key! I truly believe you are never too young to start caring for your skin. We have a wonderful program called ‘Bootcamp’ that we often use to start people off on the right protocol, dermaviduals is perfect as we customise the program to suit each client. It’s a 6 week course that covers skincare, nutrition, supplements, including 6 customised treatments. It is a great way to set up good habits.”




“When I’m considering introducing new technology or a product into my clinic, I consider EVERY aspect fully, so if it is a fad or hype it is usually waning by the time I’ve made my decision – it is not a fast process! There are a select few of very knowledgeable people that I listen to in the beauty industry. I read and research a lot to keep up with new developments and product launches and talk to the people I have the most respect for in the industry to glean their thoughts and advice.”


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