Laser Effect is our Clinic of the Month for October 2015!

by | 1 October 2015

Laser Effect isn’t your average laser clinic. Robyn, owner of Laser Effect, describes it as a “bespoke skin-saving treatment clinic that focuses on changing the things about your skin that holds you back from living life at 110%!  Life is too short to let the way your skin behaves dictate the way you live your life. Often the things that bother us are a simple fix that aren’t as elusive, expensive or extravagant as we think. Sometimes it’s simply about having a chat with an expert skin therapist who has an intricate understanding of skin to work out the kinks.” The clinic is based in Newcastle, NSW. They were recently nominated as finalists in 2 categories of the Australian Beauty Industry Awards for Team of the Year and Training Salon of the Year (the Laser Effect team is pictured below at the awards dinner). Laser Effect were also finalists in the Local Business Awards for Business Excellence and Young Business Executive.


Laser Effect_ABIA


What keeps you inspired professionally? “Wow! So many things! I love what I do so much that it flows over into every aspect of my life. Not a day goes by that I’m not reading another article that turns lights on in my brain or I’m not looking for an answer to questions that I have about skin. I’m surrounded by amazing mentors who challenge and support me and we have such a wonderful community of amazing women who are all about building each other up! These women always inspire me whether they realise it or not and I count them as family! A decade in and I still feel like there is so much more to learn, achieve, do in this industry! So many areas for innovation that are yet to be discovered. Surely by now I should be that jaded, burnt out beauty therapist who has lost her spark… but in all honestly, the journey has just begun!”




What do you value the most in your business? “Someone once told me that staff would be the biggest headache in running a business. I’ve yet to reach for the panadol because I have been blessed with the most beautiful team of dedicated, intelligent, passionate skin therapists who I love getting to work with every day! I value my team so much and appreciate everything they do that makes the business a success. We’ve grown together as the business has grown and I love that they are standing beside me every day!”




“dermaviduals hasn’t assisted my business…. It has changed my business. I had been doing “skin” a long time and always felt like I was falling short both in results and knowledge. I just felt like there had to be something more. That’s when I set on a path learning more about corneotherapy and how these principles were the key to changing any skin condition. You may have noticed when you’ve visited salons that there’s at least 2-3 brands on the shelf, sometimes more… I have found that when you have a skin care range that encompasses skin and is function and supports every little aspect of how skin cells function, you only need one. This range has yet to fall short for any skin condition I’ve worked with over the last 5 years!”


What is your favourite dermaviduals product and why? “Gosh… I truly love them all because I have seen lives change simply by customising a treatment program for our clients. How many times have you walked out the door, letting your skin affect the way you live your life, stealing your confidence? When your skin is great, your life is great! But personally, I fall in love with Mask with Vitamins every single time I use it (which is basically every day!).”


Number one skin care tip? “Oh if I have to pick just one… it would be to feed your dermal cells GREAT nutrition! We can only do so much, working with you from the outside but if you can add lots of healthy fruit and veggies to your diet, drink more water and increase your essential fatty acid intake to give your cells everything they need to create the healthiest cells possible, you and I are going to make a great team and your results will be AMAZING!”


“The only way to truly avoid the hype is to know your stuff. If you know how a skin functions inside out and back to front, you will then be able to understand how technology (both skin care wise and equipment wise) is going to interact with how these cells function. If you understand what ingredients/technologies are required for cellular change, you aren’t going to just take the sales persons word for it that their machine is a miracle cure-all. The more you know about skin, the better the questions you will be able to ask which will give you better answers with which to make an informed decision. At the end of the day, I’m not about to use our clients as guinea pigs for the latest fads. If it doesn’t make perfect skin sense, it doesn’t make it through the door!”


“I was getting a lot of online inquiries through my social media accounts from clients who didn’t live nearby, wanting help to achieve the results that they were seeing come out of my clinic. This prompted me to develop an online program where clients could still achieve results, without having to travel to reach my clinic, thus Skinside Out was born. Our industry is traditionally “hands on”, but the time has come for a shift in the way we serve our clients. Everyone is busy, everyone is time poor and can’t always get to a salon. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t also work with an expert skin therapist!

Skinside Out is a 12 week skin “re-program” that takes clients through the same journey we work on in clinic; focusing on improving the keratinocyte lifecycle – minus the hands on treatments. Those enrolled in the program still receive customised skin care products, tailored advice and how to tutorials, and access to an expert skin therapist, but it means that due to location, they aren’t missing out on results!” Round one launched on the 10th August.


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