Meet our April Clinic of the Month, The Beauty Elixir!

by | 1 April 2018

Our Clinic of the Month is the Beauty Elixir, located in wonderful Grey Lynn. Owner, Romy, focuses on a holistic approach and experience for her clients and shared her thoughts on skin, self-love and wellness with us. “The Beauty Elixir is what we like to call a ‘conscious skin spa’. We focus on skin health and use a range of modalities within our treatments and consultations to offer our clients the best in skin health we can. We utilise Corneotherapy, nutrition, functional testing and meditation to give our clients a fully holistic experience. We truly believe and practice that beauty starts when you feel good, and in today’s world where everyone is rushing around and often giving more of themselves than they receive, we like to hold space for each and every one of our clients to truly relax when she (or he) lies down in one of our cosy beds. We are situated in a vibrant little wellness community, with the best neighbours – a yoga studio, pilates and barre studio, personal trainers, physios and massage therapists!”



What keeps you inspired? “Constantly learning and upskilling! I love nothing more than keeping my brain filled with new and exciting education and knowledge I can share with my clients. And secondly (but nonetheless inspiring or important) – our absolutely, mind-blowingly-amazing, beautiful clients!”



What is your personal mantra? ““Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart” – Khalil Gibran. Even though I work on a daily basis making people physically look pretty, it’s all about how we FEEL about ourselves. I completely believe and practice that beauty starts from within. It’s what we eat, but more than that it’s what we THINK, and HOW we think about ourselves. The words we use when we talk to ourselves. Say goodbye to your inner mean girl, she’s a b***h!”



How has dermaviduals changed your business? “Oh my god, how has it NOT!? I am constantly telling anyone who will listen how much bringing on dermaviduals has expanded and grown my business! From the amazing support we get from Danielle, to the amazing education we get from Simone and others, to the impact we are able to have on our clients skins and lives! It’s bloody amazing and I’m so happy and grateful to have found dermaviduals almost a year ago!”



What is your favourite dermaviduals product? “I have a few favourites… how can I choose just one? I absolutely LOVE a customised serum. What’s better than knowing you’re getting a super active delivery of the best skin food right down where it needs to get to?? As well as a bespoke serum, I LOVE the Mask with Vitamins. Such an easy way to get your vitamins A, C, E and B5 daily. And my third favourite product is PlutioDerm Plus – when I’ve got a spot this clears it up in no time!”



What is your number one skin care tip? “SMILE! And even more than that, BE KIND to yourself. Stop being so mean to yourself! … And an actual ‘skin care’ tip – always, always, ALWAYS wash your face before going to bed!”



What do you see as your clinic’s priority? “Our number one priority is holding space for each and every client to feel comfortable and relaxed. What we do is actually very intimate, each woman (or man!) who lies down on our bed is allowing themselves to be vulnerable and also giving themselves time to breathe and make themselves a priority, so we don’t forget that and we hold our work as very sacred. On a physical level what sets us apart is the fact that we work from the inside as well as the outside – I am a qualified Clinical Nutritionist and one of our team is currently studying Naturopathy, so we have a very qualified, holistic approach to creating healthy skin.”



Tell us about your Skin Gym and SKINSPIRATION programmes. “We have a program that we love to get our clients on called the Skin Gym. By signing up to this you guarantee yourself a monthly, bi-monthly (or even fortnightly if you’d like!) facial, as well as ongoing Advanced Skin Analysis using our OBSERV to track progress, nutritional guidance and meal plans. We also have another programme called SKINSPIRATION: Beauty Begins Within 8-week program, developed by myself to help women achieve healthy skin through topical skincare, correct nutrition, self-care and meditation.”



To learn more, visit the Beauty Elixir’s website or follow them on Facebook & Instagram: “We were recently nominated for best in Social Media by Derma Aesthetics, which was a real honour! Even though we didn’t take out the top spot (there was some serious competition!) we were honoured to be a finalist.”