Meet Our Clinic of the Month, New You Skin & Laser Boutique!

by | 1 September 2018

New You Skin & Laser Boutique is our Clinic of the Month for September 2018! Company Directors, Amy & Kandis, opened their business so they could provide a welcoming and professional environment where their patients felt comfortable to confide about their skin concerns. “We understand this can be a very emotional journey for some, therefore we support our patients throughout their entire journey and guarantee their needs are first priority.

Our aim is to educate, motivate and provide our patients with the correct tools to achieve healthy, happy skin and maintain their results. We are passionate about client care and dedicate our services to delivering optimal results for each and every individual. We enjoy all things skin! We love learning as much as we can and sharing the knowledge we have with our patients to ensure they have a better understanding of how their skin functions and why.

We are so excited and proud to be chosen as Clinic of the Month as this highlights all the hard work we have put in. It is an amazing feeling knowing our passion and dedication is being recognised by others. Especially those we look up to and strive to be like. This is only the beginning for us. We have so much knowledge and exciting things to share with you all so stayed tuned!”



The New You Skin & Laser Boutique philosophy
“Our industry has become overwhelmed with so many miracle skin creams, lotions, potions and treatments that claim to fix all your concerns overnight. Patients will often be influenced by what they see on TV, social media and marketing campaigns which is heartbreaking for us to hear because they are not receiving the truth. After being in the industry for over 15 years and witnessing many things that quite often made us question our choices, we decided it was time to do it our way. Being able to treat patients correctly and effectively, allows us to fulfil our role as skin experts at the highest standard possible. We pride ourselves in customer service, client care and honesty for our patients to experience a complete service. All of our new patients undergo a compulsory 2 hour consultation where we provide an extensive evaluation of their skins history, current behaviour and expectations. Our diagnostic imaging system identifies their skin irregularities in great detail from the deepest layer to the surface of the skin where patients can visually see their cause of concern. We diagnose their skin, explain our philosophy of corneotherapy and compile a skin health plan to treat their “cause of concern” to prevent their issue from reoccurring. This is where our patients realise there is no such thing as a “quick fix”. A big thank you to our patients who have put their trust in us and continue to support our dream!”



Top skin tip
“Invest in your skin!!! Using cheap supermarket brands and products that are surrounded by marketing hype and filled with skin irritating ingredients can do long-term damage to the health of your skin! Less is more… There is no need for a bathroom cupboard full of chemicals.”



dermaviduals + New You Skin & Laser
“We have had dermaviduals since March 2018. We were a little nervous about transitioning our clinic into a corneotherapeutic clinic but since the day we met Beth we have not looked back! dermaviduals has completely transformed our business and our method of treating skin in a way we never imagined was possible. Our patients have been so supportive and are constantly blown away by the results we continue to achieve. The support and education we receive from dermaviduals and our rep, Beth, is outstanding. The guidance, ideas and positivity is second to none; something neither of us have experienced from any other company in our careers. So thank you dermaviduals and the ever so lovely Beth, we appreciate everything you do!”



Favourite dermaviduals product
“Near impossible to choose one as we LOVE them all so much! This was a process of elimination and the winner was Caffeine Liposomes… Not only do we use this ingredient on the face, we also incorporate Caffeine Liposomes into our cellulite reduction treatments and the results have been amazing! We love the benefits this active ingredient provides for the skin – brightening, toning, relieving tired and sluggish skin, repairing, stimulating microcirculation and is an amazing antioxidant!”



You can find out more about this skin-saving clinic on their website and by following them on Facebook & Instagram.